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Latino Civic Engagement Table Post-Election Latino Vote Briefing - Shared screen with speaker view
Irving Zavaleta- MFV
Thank you for joining us this morning. We'll have a Q&A session after all of our speakers delivered their remarks.
Clarissa Martinez De Castro
For full results of UnidosUS/MFV national poll of Hispanic Voters heading into midterms see:https://www.unidosus.org/press-releases/unidosus-mi-familia-vota-release-national-poll-on-hispanic-voters/
Clarissa Martinez De Castro
NALEO TRACKING POLLS for 2022: https://naleo.org/2022-data-and-research-hub/
Clarissa Martinez De Castro
Multi-racial/ethnic Midterm 2022 Poll of Actual voters: https://2022electionpoll.us/
Clarissa Martinez De Castro
For a more extensive look at issue perspectives and candidate/party support trends for previous cycles, see Figures 1 & 2 here https://www.unidosus.org/publications/2086-latino-voters-and-the-2020-election-part-2-issues-parties-and-candidates/
Clarissa Martinez, UnidosUS
A couple of things to note: (1) there has always been a swing element among Hispanic voters, (2) every cycle there is a significant number voting for the first time - this cycle, 36% of Hispanic voters were voting in a midterm for the first time - these factor emphasize the importance of meaningful outreach.
Clarissa Martinez, UnidosUS
UnidosUS is committed to continue its work to grow the political voice of this community of voters, who generally reject extremes and taking rights away from people and can be a stabilizing force in American politics. We are proud to partner with MFV in a multi-year, multi-state partnership to achieve that.
Clarissa Martinez, UnidosUS
thank you all for joining us today, and hope you will join us on a deep dive of Hispanic voter results as part of the Midterm 2022 poll, tomorrow at 11am.