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NCMD 2nd Annual Report - Shared screen with speaker view
Vicky Sleap
Yes you should be automatically muted Ruth
Vicky Sleap
Yes, we will provide the slides after the event
Vicky Sleap
Slides will be shared after the meeting
Vicky Sleap
Quality of service relates to all services, health, social care, education and law enforcement
Vicky Sleap
Infographics on website here https://www.ncmd.info/2021/06/10/2nd-annual-report/
Vicky Sleap
Thanks Julie. We are aware of the significant gap in training and support for CDOPs and are trying to identify funding to enable us to provide this.
Mike Newman
I find that the statutory reporting forms are not effective enough to gather extensive/detailed information from agencies. The quality has also depleted with the introduction of eCDOP. Is there any changes that are being considered to amend this form to enable a more detailed information gather/summaries from agencies?