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The FFCRA: Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Expanded FMLA - Shared screen with speaker view
Barbara Tierney
What if the parent chooses fully remote when hybrid is available?
Randi Ybarra
1) An employees son is sick -not COVID related, the daycare will not take the baby. Employee decides to take the full week off anticipating the ear infection will not clear up anytime soon. Mid week employee calls to state her husband is experiencing COVID related symptoms and they are both scheduled to get tested. Results come back negative yesterday. My question, since the employee was already scheduled to be out for the week with a non covid related reason, because she notified us mid week of her husbands symptoms and testing would we need to switch her pay from her personal time to EPSL or EFMLA?
Grace McAuliffe
Is the Maternity leave period itself covered under EFMLA?
Michelle Miller
Has everyone's payroll systems been updated or have a feature to track the 80 hours since they are in addition to the required Sick Pay accrual?
Michal Charles
@Michelle Miller, we had to ask our payroll company to build a new pay code so that we could track this,
Craig Hoffman
If an employee is on eFMLA, receiving 2/3rd pay, are they paid for holidays and if so, at what rate?
Lori Miller
Yes, I'm on Paylocity (LOVE THEM!) and they have that feature and set it up for us early-on. Makes it super easy to track!
Scott Mastley
Your payroll company should create separate earnings codes to be used for easy reporting later.
Allison Reps
I thought they just updated to allow employers to require supporting documentation
lysa wright
Can you take disciplinary action against an employee who shows up to the office sick if you have written policy against showing up sick?
Michelle Miller
@Michal Charles, thanks ! :)
Michelle Miller
Thanks to all who answerd the payroll hours question! I'm about to start a new gig and payroll may be part of what I do and it's been a while for me, but is in my background