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Legislative Advocacy Teams Webinar Series - Shared screen with gallery view
Sarah Crockett
Welcome! If you have questions, please type them into the Q&A box
Ann Palmer
Texas CASA often is aware of the staff person for a legislative office who works on child welfare issues. If you have any questions about that, start with us!
Ann Palmer
Texas CASA is putting together a good one-pager for you for CASA Day at the Capitol!
Ann Palmer
And when we ask you to reach out to a legislator on a specific bill, we will always share detailed information with you beforehand.
Sarah Crockett
Please be sure to email publicpolicy@texascasa.org to let us know about your scheduled meetings for Capitol Day!
Sarah Crockett
Be sure to look at the spreadsheet on the CASA Day at the Capitol website to coordinate with programs that share legislators with your program when you are scheduling those meetings