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Rebuilding for an Inclusive Recovery - Shared screen with speaker view
Karmjit Sidhu
Check out the report! She-Covery: https://wekh.ca/research/the-she-covery-project-confronting-the-gendered-economic-impacts-of-covid-19-in-ontario/
Marlee in Morpeth
hello from Morpeth in Chatham-Kent and Architectural Conservancy of Ontario
Karmjit Sidhu
To advance diversity across Canadian organizations, don't forget to check out the 50-30 Challenge!https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/icgc.nsf/eng/07706.html
Karmjit Sidhu
Hi Shanza, we will be sending the recording and presentation to all registered attendees in an email after the event, stay tuned!
Karmjit Sidhu
For more context learn more here: Skills for the Post-Pandemic World - Scoping Reporthttps://www.ryerson.ca/diversity/reports/skills-for-the-post-pandemic-world-scoping-report/
Karmjit Sidhu
Please note that we will be sending the recording and presentation to all registered attendees in an email after the event, stay tuned!
Shanza Khan
Great. Thank you Karmjit.
Karmjit Sidhu
Read more about current findings: Employment Gaps and Underemployment for Racialized Groups and Immigrants in Canada: Current Findings and Future Directionshttps://fsc-ccf.ca/research/employment-gaps-and-underemployment-for-racialized-groups-and-immigrants-in-canada/
Karmjit Sidhu
Technology-Enabled Innovations in the Skills and Employment Ecosystemhttps://www.ryerson.ca/diversity/reports/technology-enabled-innovations-in-skills-and-employment/
Karmjit Sidhu
For more context check out - Small and Medium-sized Employers (SMEs): Skills Gaps and Future Skillshttps://www.ryerson.ca/diversity/reports/small-and-medium-sized-employers-skills-gaps-and-future-skills/
Karmjit Sidhu
Our report with 'Adapting to the Changing World of Work - Final Report from the 2020 Survey on Employment and Skills' discusses this more in depth: https://www.ryerson.ca/diversity/reports/adapting-to-the-changing-world-of-work/
Karmjit Sidhu
She-Covery: https://wekh.ca/research/the-she-covery-project-confronting-the-gendered-economic-impacts-of-covid-19-in-ontario/
Karmjit Sidhu
Check out our report on Black women entrepreneurs! The State of Women’s Entrepreneurship: A Focus on Black Women Entrepreneurshttps://wekh.ca/research/the-state-of-womens-entrepreneurship-a-focus-on-black-women-entrepreneurs/
Karmjit Sidhu
For any questions, don't forget to place them in the Q&A chat box and our panelists and speakers look forward to answering them.
Karmjit Sidhu
Check out our report 'Is the Future Micro? Unbundling learning for flexibility & access' addressing the gap regarding skills.https://www.ryerson.ca/diversity/reports/is-the-future-micro/
Karmjit Sidhu
Please note a copy of the recording and presentation will be sent to all registered attendees via email after the event.
Karmjit Sidhu
Our panelists look forward to answering your questions, as a reminder please place them in the Q&A chat box.
Karmjit Sidhu
Learn more about the Diversity Assessment Tool (DAT) here: https://www.ryerson.ca/diversity/news-events/2019/02/applying-gender-diversity-lens-innovation-ecosystem/
Karmjit Sidhu
**Correction: Diversity Assessment Tool (DAT) here! https://diplaybook.ca/
Wendy Cukier
This report has our Diversity Assessment Tool (DAT) https://www.ryerson.ca/diversity/reports/DiversityLeads_2020_Canada.pdf
Karmjit Sidhu
Our seminal report 'Diversity Leads 2020' has a great example of our Diversity Assessment Tool (DAT) alongside research on leadership in 8 Canadian cities, take a look here: https://www.ryerson.ca/diversity/reports/DiversityLeads_2020_Canada.pdf
Karmjit Sidhu
Small and Medium-sized Employers (SMEs): Skills Gaps and Future Skillshttps://www.ryerson.ca/diversity/reports/small-and-medium-sized-employers-skills-gaps-and-future-skills/
Karmjit Sidhu
Economic Equality in a Changing World: Removing Barriers to Employment for Women https://www.ryerson.ca/diversity/reports/economic-equality-in-a-changing-world/
Karmjit Sidhu
Check out our Study Buddy program, free and designed to support parents struggling to balance the responsibilities of work with their children’s rapid transition to online-learning due to the COVID-19 crisis: https://www.ryerson.ca/diversity/research/studybuddy/
Sangeeta Subramanian (she/her)
That is such an important point @Wendy! Bringing the conversation to people that don’t come to these rooms.
Shanza Khan
Thank you Fiona - This transformation needs Courage, Courageous and Brave leadership. Not only Listen, Act and Action to transform.
Sangeeta Subramanian (she/her)
Finding champions is such an important point. Taking away the fear and setting the direction for change
Shanza Khan
Great Sandeep. Thank you. We are to be Champions and Brave Leaders.
To your question about strategy for outreach and change, the NL Workforce Innovation Centre at the College of the North Atlantic is implementing a key stakeholder engagement initiative focused on underrepresented groups and specifically consultations with organizations and clients representing underrepresented groups, with government departments, a virtual larger Stakeholder Engagement session and a final report with recommendations. Key to this and all of the NLWIC's work is dissemination workshops to educate and capacity-building on use of evidence/results, and share for replication where possible and scale-up including adoption and change new policies, programs, and/or service delivery models by all of the labour market stakeholders.
Shanza Khan
Thank you Amelia for sharing your story.
Karmjit Sidhu
Check out our Immigrant Serving Programs: Women Entrepreneurship Hub (We-Hub TO):https://scaddingcourt.org/special-projects/womens-entrepreneurship-hub/Newcomer Entrepreneurship Hun (NEH)https://scaddingcourt.org/neh-2/Workforce Innovation and Inclusion Project: https://www.ryerson.ca/diversity/research/workforce-innovation-and-inclusion-project/Alberta Inclusive Innovation Initiative (AI3): https://www.mtroyal.ca/ProgramsCourses/ContinuingEducation/businesstraining/alberta-inclusive-innovation-initiative/index.htm
Karmjit Sidhu
Check out the 50-30 Challenge:https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/icgc.nsf/eng/07706.html
Stephen Whiteley
I am an expert at helping people and organizations connect with purpose.
Karmjit Sidhu
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Thank you to the Diversity Institute and panelists for this opportunity for the NL Workforce Innovation Centre to learn and be inspired to lead and share what you have presented today to labour market stakeholders in NL and our partners and collaborators provincially, nationally and internationally.
Shanza Khan
Thank you all