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IGNITE COMMITTEE - The Future of Workspace - Shared screen with speaker view
Mike Williams The Growth Coach of NOVA
I also had a great conversation with Chris Hunter and Mary Ellen D'Andrea. We discussed the impact of COVID 19 on businesses, employees and workspace. Really great dialogue and feedback regarding the health of businesses.
Gina Weatherup
Sounds like we talked about a lot of the same things - the ongoing impacts of covid, and how we’re not sure when it will end. And, how very adaptable we are; not only finding ways to work from home but finding new ways to collaborate and stay safe as well.
Mary Ellen D'Andrea
Have to leave - it looks like it's going to be great! Enjoy and thank you to all.
Gina Weatherup
Bye Mary Ellen!
Gina Weatherup
Gina Weatherup
Any questions for our speakers? Mike or I will share them out!
Gina Weatherup
You can also come off Mute and hop in to speak.
Jan Mul
I need to hop off in a few. Great event. great speaker/presentations and great audio/video quality Martin!
Mark Hemmeter
I have to go. Sorry.
Gina Weatherup
Yeah, I take advantage of my husband’s Beer Club membership - really good stuff!