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AFLA Meeting and Presentation - November 11, 2020 at 8:00am - Shared screen with speaker view
Dear Members - Please submit any questions for Oona via the chat portal. Thank you!
Medlir Mema
Can you please speak to the impact that the evolution of the limits on the use of force have on the concept of sovereignty? Is the Westphalian sovereignty still the correct framework for understanding the relationship between states?
James R. Shorter, Jr.
Is there a difference between US ratified treaties and unratified agreements?
Başak Etkin
1/ Do you think that the Briand-Kellogg pact is a satisfactory answer to the non-retroactivity issue with the Nürnberg trials?2/ Which do you think are the most significant examples of a breach of international law by the US before the Trump administration?Thank you.
Joe Lapointe
Ma’am, could you talk about your view of the justification for unilateral treaty termination by the President in the Restatement (Fourth) and how that impacts the credibility of U.S. commitments abroad? Thank you.
James R. Shorter, Jr.
Under these rules how was the failure to prosecute the Japanese Emperor justified?
Medlir Mema
You seem to provide a progressive account of the evolution of international law, at least with regards to the use of force. However, you also accept that it is possible to encounter roadblocks and even rollbacks. Are these merely temporary in nature and that the long-term prospects are in favor of a upward trend?
Barbara Luse
This was fascinating - thank you!
Thanks a lot!
Hessam Kalantar
Superb, thanks