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Wheaten Webinar - Microphthalmia - Shared screen with speaker view
Neil O'Sullivan
The two Dutch litters reported in the 1995 paper were very closely related to the litters used in Finland in which the mutation in Retinal Binding Protein 4 was found. These breeders were very open and honest and pushed to find answers.
Emily Holden
How long ago was it when you saw glaucoma?
A Breeder that had done Embark DNA testing on her Wheatens asked Embark if they tested for Microphthalmia. Embark's response was that the test for Collie Eye Anomaly would also cover Microphthalmia. Is that the case?
Wolf Stockhecke
my wheaten is 4 years old and diagnosed with early immature cataracts OU, present at nuclear cortical junction; persistent pupillary membrane PPM. presently taking ocuvite vitamins. however is it ok to give him lanosterol eye drops
Deborah Van De Ven
I have a stud dog who carries 1 marker for microphthalmia. From several litters he has sired, 8 puppies have been tested for RBP4 and none are carriers. Is it possible that there could be a "protective" gene or something that prevents this sire from passing on the gene?
Emily Holden
So good to have you with us and thank you for your candor and dedication to all eye issues.