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2022 MFMA Annual Conference - Shared screen with speaker view
Martha Archer
Pee and poop happens!
Sarah Larsen
Sorry! We are in a City park so we allow dogs. When people ask if they are allowed, my typical response is you know your dog best. If you feel they can handle being around crowds of people and potentially other dogs it is a public space.
Erik Heimark
Not a dog, but we had a cat scratch a kid at the Aitkin Farmers Market, luckily it was a vendor's kid so nothing bad happened.
Martha Archer
YES please Kathy! Its so hard to navigate this as dog treat vendors get very upset when we discourage dogs
Jenny Breen
Yeah, what about the dog treat vendors?
Sara Cahill
Yes on involving the press on the dog issue!
Bonnie Hanna-Powers, she/her, Richfield Farmers Market
I put my dog treat vendors on the edge so they can still interact with the dog walkers
Tiffany Kari
Anyone ever have or have thoughts about allowing an animal allies guest vendor that would bring dogs for adoption?
Martha Archer
People do the shopping, not dogs ;) But dogs do influence the purchase. Its tricky
Kristine Jonas
Tiffany I was just asked by one if they could come to market
Amy Britt (she/her) Mill City Farmers Market
I wonder if it would be helpful to have a printed card with some stats on dog bites, mentioning that many folks are very afraid of dogs, and then a Code of Conduct for dogs. There could be a personal story of a dog bite on the flip side. Then this "Yellow Card" (like soccer) could be handed to folks with unruly dogs. There's never enough time to explain to folks why their sweet angel could be a problem for some.
Bonnie Hanna-Powers, she/her, Richfield Farmers Market
Bloomington Health told me the handwashing station could be within 10 feet.
Dawn Wegscheid
I've witnessed a vendor walking around from booth to booth during slow times with their gloves on. I've asked them to always change their gloves when making contact.
Martha Archer
Maybe info from a dog trainer. Its a very very hard place to be a dog. Lots of sights and smells and hard to protect your person with all of the crowds and dogs
Sarah Larsen
So those pre done samples can be used now?
Shelley Erickson
Covered samples make sense, because all you would have to do to change that from a sample to a product would be to charge a penny for it. No longer a sample.
Bonnie Hanna-Powers, she/her, Richfield Farmers Market
Mara - you can use DialogOne for an outside servie
Bonnie Hanna-Powers, she/her, Richfield Farmers Market
Dawn Wegscheid
I suggest finding a community partner (community action/social services) to find translation. or, offer a gift cert. to market
Mara Wack - Neighborhood Roots
Thank you!
Shelley Erickson
What about hiring college students for translating?
Kristine Jonas
Marlise and AEOA do in Virginia
Amy Britt (she/her) Mill City Farmers Market
Fivver.com is a great place for reasonably priced translation
Marilyn Hofland
John, how did you coordinate the mailing to SNAP participants?
Amy Britt (she/her) Mill City Farmers Market
Sorry -- fiverr.com
Jenny Breen
Love the college student idea-I have students who have to do community engagement-but mostly in the fall semester. I’d love some FM partners!
Mao Lee
Mao - Maple Grove Farmers Market. I am not certified but I can help with any Hmong translating if anyone is interested.
Martha Archer
We have paid vendors kids to do translation
Jenny Breen
There is a really cool youth translation program in St Paul-will find out the name and info-but it’s a cool program
Marilyn Hofland
SNAP-Ed is also working on translating flyers for SNAP/EBT at the FMs,. Should be ready for this season.
Amy Britt (she/her) Mill City Farmers Market
Thanks Mao! Great to know!
Kim Guenther, MFMA (she/her)
It makes total sense for Hunger Solutions to translate at least in Spanish if not other for all of us. We need to keep asking.
Jane Jewett
We did have negative comments. We had an individual who was suspected of EBT fraud become extremely angry at the manager and then posted rants on Facebook. We responded with information about the market's obligation to ensure proper EBT use and that we had investigated the situation and resolved it.
Corrine Bonnema
Self care - This amazing Conference! Thank YOU!
Shelley Erickson
I'm not a market manager but I would suggest a SPA retreat once a year ;)
Tiffany Kari
I'm welcoming the winter break! Ha
Kristine Jonas
Talking about these issues together helps
Karen Wingard
πŸ™‚ you were part of what made that team amazing Sierra!!
Corrine Bonnema
Ideas for PoP children activities and PoP Plus handouts would be very helpful. Really do not want to do the same things every year.
Kim Guenther, MFMA (she/her)
I love the regional idea. Even if it's less of a conference and more of a regular lunch or coffee or happy hour, or maybe a 1 hour presentation on something related. Would managers drive to a central regional location to attend?
Bonnie Hanna-Powers, she/her, Richfield Farmers Market
Some high schools/programs require a certain number of volunteer hours before graduation - we had great high school volunteers help out this summer with setup, POP Clubs booth, special events, and tidy up at the end of the day.
Sarah Larsen
Kim, yes to it all!!
Jenny Breen
Sorry I need to go teach. Will watch the recording when I can πŸ™‚. Thanks all
Amy Britt (she/her) Mill City Farmers Market
I know a case worker for unhoused people who would be happy to present to market managers on de-escalation and resources for mental health issues.
Allison Rian
I disagree with a lot of what John has said about mentally ill people. I have mental illnesses and I think I'm a very reasonable person most of the time.
Mara Wack - Neighborhood Roots
Is there statewide and regional data for MM salaries? I feel MM are underpaid for all their work. Looking for information to take to our board to ensure our budget is appropriate. Also keeping in mind cost of living differences throughout the state.
Amy Britt (she/her) Mill City Farmers Market
<3 Allison -- me too. :)
Allison Rian
There is a thing called mental health first aid. Educate yourself.
Martha Archer
@Mara MN Council of Nonprofits does a bi-annnual survey and report. It is very useful. It is not specific to markets, but gives a good range of org size and business type.
Jane Jewett
We have a vendor in our market who has seizures and has asked the market manager and vendors to please NOT call 911 if he has a seizure in the market. It's a thing that happens to him sometimes and he has had the very unfortunate experience of being handcuffed by police when he was having a seizure.
Allison Rian
Kathy, can you tell us why it's important for the market and not just for the vendor?
Allison Rian
That's a hard one for us. Vendors want to say, "This is my business and my risk. What's it to you?"
Bonnie Hanna-Powers, she/her, Richfield Farmers Market
It's also the market's reputation at stake.
Allison Rian
Thanks Kathy
Jane Jewett
I liked the statement yesterday that people unwilling to interact well with others at the market can be moved out to make way for those who are willing. Same with vendors who want to be illegal: make way for those who are willing to do their best to be legal.
Allison Rian
Same in Aitkin. No outside support.
Marilyn Hofland
Wadena also no outside support.
Shelley Erickson
If someone goes after you for liability they will most likely go after everyone involved. My husband is a concrete contractor. A boy got hurt on his bicycle riding by a job site. It had nothing to do with our company, but the parents sued every single contractor working on that job site.
Ron Branch
Alexandria FM does it alone.
Paul Conklin
We just started this year. All volunteer.
Paul Conklin
We would love help. Working with SNAP ed on this.
April Kopack, Riverwalk Market Fair
Giving managers voting rights or make board members has helped us with board dysfunction.
Kristine Jonas
Sara Cahill
Yes, wind came out of no where and ruined several canopies, even with weights!
Angela Fredrickson
We joked about "WINDY WEDNESDAYS" nearly every market day was quite windy! I require 45lbs per pole for weights and for the weights to be put on right away.
Martha Archer
Board overreach can be an issue, especially with volunteer boards and our needs for volunteers. Take partners (other board members ) and work to define roles, boundaries and governance best practices.
Chris Allen
We are under a picnic shelter!!
Dawn Wegscheid
I think that we need to consider the priority of the action plans of inclusion/equitable opportunities. If it is #1 priority, we could "hold" so many booths for new vendors for each season.
Allison Rian
We have a very individualistic membership. It's a first come, first serve mentality, and some people want more space between tents. There isn't an existing structure in the rules to hold them to this and it seems unlikely to pass a vote.
Amy Britt (she/her) Mill City Farmers Market
Could you do something on a percentage basis, like 95% of our slots will follow the legacy rules, and we will begins to make 5% of those spots available to new vendors?
Mara Wack - Neighborhood Roots
Love that idea Amy!
Kristine Jonas
Mara Wack - Neighborhood Roots
Kim, can you send the link to where you purchased them?