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EnviroHouse Workshop: Pruning Landscape Trees - Shared screen with speaker view
Steve Marose
Green Tacoma Day activity
Jeff Stark
Jeff Stark - Im a barber in North Seattle and trying to figure out how to be a barber (pruning) my areas around my house.
Michael Frank
Definitely not a master gardener, but I have a couple of maple trees that I need to thin out.
Christopher Horan
Christopher Horan - I have a 112 year old house in Old Town Tacoma....never really cared for an established yard before. Lots of trees and shrubs that are overgrown and I don't know how or when to cut them back.
Rhonda Radford
Rhonda.. moving from Chicago back to Port Townsend to take stewardship of 3 acres.
Leah Michaelsen
Welcome everyone! If you have a question, feel free to put it here in the chat, or pop it into the Q&A feature.
Lynne Miller
Will the presentation be available after this webinar for us to review again?
John Harden
I prune for aesthetics around the house...branches are growing into the eaves of my house!
Janda Volkmer
Answering a question about how to register for the fruit tree workshop. It is on the Sustainability website Facebook page and will soon be live on the EnviroHouse website workshop page. I will also post it on the EnviroNews listserv. You can email me at ehouse@cityoftacoma.org for more information. Janda
Leah Michaelsen
Here's a link to register for the November 4 workshop on Pruning and Care of Fruit Trees:
Leah Michaelsen
Leah Michaelsen
The video may look choppy...(no pun intended) apologies!
Leah Michaelsen
We'll have it available in the recording afterward.
Christopher Horan
the video was really choppy for me as well
Lynne Miller
Have a pruning partner also provides a different perspective before you make the cut.
Linda Benedetti
I want to make sure I understand. I thought I heard you say that you can prune trees anytime of the year
Leah Michaelsen
If the video is choppy...hopefully the audio comes through ok! The full video will be available after the workshop.
Leah Michaelsen
Tek, there's lots of information about permits to remove trees in Tacoma on this website: https://www.cityoftacoma.org/cms/one.aspx?pageId=11657#:~:text=The%20City%20of%20Tacoma%20generally,by%20Tacoma%20Municipal%20Code%2013.11.But generally, there are no permits required to prune or remove a tree on private property. To remove a tree in the public right-of-way does require a permit.
Veronica Port
Is it okay to remove some dying leaves or just let them fall on their own. I just planted a magnolia butterfly that has a few dying leaves.
John Walkowiak
jwalkowiak@cityoftacoma.org or jewalkowiak@harbornet.com
John Harden
great info, John. This was very informative and helpful tips. I learned something new about using the undercut to release pressure before cutting thicker branches.
Veronica Port
Thank you all - great class!
Lynne Miller
Thank you for a great webinar - wonderful information in an easy to understand format!
Michael Frank
Thank you very much!