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Healthy School Buildings: Evidenced-Based Choices in Safe School Openings - Shared screen with speaker view
The recording will be sent to all registrants and will be available on the AASA website following the webinar
Brandon Kiser
What age range is considered “older?”
Duncan Wilson
The BIG question we are facing in school is density. Many State regs have 50% density and or 6feet social distancing guidelines. Is this a factor? Or can this change?
John Chilton
Do environmentally "tight" buildings exacerbate the #SharedAir problem?
Duncan Wilson
Point 2 is not really playing out in our data in NY. Kids are not spreading in school due to the other measures.
Danielle Harvey
But when we have to contact trace it’s 6 feet for 10 minutes; doesn’t matter if they have a mask or not. So how do I explain that to my staff?
Duncan Wilson
Is there work to adjust distancing requirements at the State Level? Should we be making this adjustment for student >10ya? Or all students K-12
Danielle Harvey
We have not had issues with transmission in school; the quarantining is what is hurting us.
Ashley A
Could you please discuss best practices for lunch or snacktime when masks are not being worn?
John Chilton
Schools are making bad choices -- going virtually only or (worse) hybrid. How do we get through to them, and soon!
Johnny Billingsley
How would someone obtain a balometer? Our building does not have windows that open
Claire Barnett
can you point to specific schools which are at full occupancy and staying open using your layered advice?
Barbara Maher
Where will this recording be for future reference?
Karin Denholm
We are working to create a decision matrix that includes a community transmission indicator. We planned on using active cases and our 7 day rolling averages per 100.000. Are these the best metrics to use? Should we even be looking at community transmission?
Diana Newhart
State guidance is not in line with these recommendations in CA. How long has it taken to get new, evidence based guidance to the state or local level?
Tobin Novasio
I agree Danielle, in our area schools not using hybrid schedules are having to close down do to lack of staff due to quarantine. Us going to 3’ with out a change to CDC guidelines will cause more instability.
Duncan Wilson
What is the ideal circulation metric again? How many cycles per hour?
Claire Barnett
there are many states/districts that have banned open windows due to security concerns. How to you overcome the lack of opening windows and doors.
Duncan Wilson
Are there any studies about busing. To get 100% of kids on campus (vs Hybrid) they need to be MUCH more dense on buses. What does the data show here?
Karin Denholm
What about the air moving across the students when the windows are open on the bus?
Duncan Wilson
Does this mean younger children can share books and other resources. This would be a HUGE change in our instructional choices.
The surface cleaning issue was also addressed this morning during our webinar with the CDC, which is available to view on our Facebook page: https://fb.watch/2jtivq0SKt/
Claire Barnett
Disinfecting-- HS Network opposes the use of foggers, misters, and sprayers to apply anti-microbial pesticides in schools and buses. Expensive to fill the air with hazardous chemicals.
Karin Denholm
We have been open in person for the full year.
Karin Denholm
We have had no cases.
Danielle Harvey
The fear of quarantining when there is a positive from outside it what keeps staff nervous
Christine Pribbenow
Both the local, state and national data show that people who are Black, Native American, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander are both getting COVID and dying at greater rates than their white counterparts. Knowing these data and facts, how do we account for this when moving to in-person schools when we know that our students of color (and their families) are at greater risk?
Karin Denholm
I still wonder if community transmission should be a reason to keep students from going to school if the rates are high?
Claire Barnett
agree on CDC lapses; Natl Academies failed to address ventilation until October.; and still no federal tracking of what schools are doing
Ashley A
Is there an important distinction to be made between K-5 schools and 6-12? Should middle schools operate under elementary or secondary guidelines?
Jonathan Spies
25 high school seniors are more similar to 25 adults than children. What’s recommendation for adult groups of 25 in a room for an hour?
Danielle Harvey
We’re got ventilation, masks and spacing. No spread in school. But the contract tracing of having to quarantine if within 6 feet for more than 10 minutes kills us.
Karin Denholm
Wondering if emergency drills are still ok to do? For example lockdown where kids move close to one another… Should we try to modify these drills or should we be practicing as we would in a real emergency?
Marc LeBlond
Thoughts on blowback from mandates? E.g. masks were not controversial until the gov't mandated them.
Elmore Alexander
If we are able to identify those with developing fever should we be attempting to do that. is there an opinion about their ability to infect in a closed setting vs asymptomatic carriers.
John Chilton
(Smile) should we shave our beards to make masks more effective?
John Chilton
Thank you!!
Thomas Durkin
thank you. very helpful