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BC Bioenergy Sector Awards 2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Petra Srutkova (BC Bioenergy Network)
Hello everyone! On behalf of BC Bioenergy Network (https://bcbioenergy.ca/), welcome to the online BC Bioenergy Day celebration. My name is Petra Srutkova, Business and Marketing Administrator at BC Bioenergy Network, https://www.linkedin.com/in/srutkova/. We are looking forward to sharing this online event with you today. Feel free to enter your name and contact details into the chat and let us know where you are tuning in from!
Ashley Callister
Congrats, Tony!
gary lee
Congrats Rob!
Ashley Callister
Congrats, Rob!
Petra Srutkova (BC Bioenergy Network)
Congrats Tony, Rob and Dave!
Ashley Callister
Congrats, Dave!
Petra Srutkova (BC Bioenergy Network)
Thank you for tuning into BC Bioenergy Day! We appreciate you spending your morning with us. Congratulations one more time to our 2022 BC Bioenergy Sector Award Winners: Xiaotao Tony Bi, Robert Pinchuk, and David Schick, and a big thank you to our Moderators Scott Stanners and Paul Austin, another thank you to the Special Guests Jack Saddler, Dave Bennett, Michael Rensing, and very talented Ashley Callister. We would love to keep in touch! If you are not already subscribed to our BC Bioenergy Network Newsletter, you may do so here: https://bcbioenergy.ca/ or follow us on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/bc-bioenergy-network/ and Twitter https://twitter.com/bcbioenergy.We hope everyone has a wonderful day, and we look forward to seeing everyone at our next event. Happy Bioenergy Day!
Sergios Karatzos
wow Ashley multiple talents! good one!
Rob Pinchuk
Can we please have a copy of the music video for internal marketing
Rob Pinchuk
Or her agents phone number to book a concert?
gary lee
well done!!
Marcelo Mora (Mitacs)
well done Ashley
Petra Srutkova (BC Bioenergy Network)
Register for the November West Coast Bioenergy Guild with Special Guest Perry Eddy: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMvcOGtqjwiHNVJU8kRb2-LgcRtD_dFn0w9
Petra Srutkova (BC Bioenergy Network)
Find more information about the 2022 Value of Biogas West Conference: https://biogasassociation.ca/vob2022_23/page/vobwest2022
Mohsen Mandegari
Congrats the winners, Tony, Rob and David and Thank you Scott and Petra for organising the event. Ashley your performance was awesome.