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MDAT Town Hall - Dancing With the 800-Pound Gorilla - Shared screen with speaker view
Deb Bartel
One of my docs thinks we should do the micro school thing for folks working for us w/kids needing to do school remotely.
Deb Bartel
not sure how we'd do it though
Deb Bartel
A View From My Window on Facebook is wonderful!
Deb Bartel
In April and May all of our pts wanted a video visit....now they all want to come in even when we offer to do it via video!
Deb Bartel
SUPER CONCERNED about our commercial population shrinking while Medicaid skyrockets....how can we keep our doors open if this happens for a prolonged period of time?
Scribe-X and Med-X CEO
Do you believe there may be opportunities for clinics to partner with insurance companies as they have recored profits? To pilot new solutions... technology, care models, efficiencies, quality initiatives
Deb Bartel
more payers need to follow Pacificsource - they had a grant fund for projects clinics could apply for and have for a few years but it was quickly exhausted for 2020 and they haven't added more funds. All ins companies should do this but we're not sure how to get them to do it!
Scribe-X and Med-X CEO
Partnering is common with CA insurance companies
James Randall
getting BP cuffs to homebound patients. a specific population of patients are becoming extremely sick.
Deb Bartel
James and other medical personal devices, too
James Randall
staff is tasked with calling and sourcing some grant funds. (hi jill!)
Deb Bartel
Is the Washington health authority stuff as good as the Oregon one? the Oregon reports daily and weekly are terrific...
Deb Bartel
does Washington have daily and/or weekly emails you can sign up for? sorry I haven't considered this before but perhaps I should since they seem to be similar yet ahead of our curves
Scribe-X and Med-X CEO
It brings the Tsunami images to mind :( Where is the high ground?
James Randall
not sure if salient, but several family and mental health therapists caught me in hallway this week and vented how worn down they are from taking care of their patients.
Nita Bogardus
Alaska looks like a great option for vaca.....!
Scribe-X and Med-X CEO
We have a number of customers in Yakima... the cultural, economic and homelessness challenges are so significant... we may need different strategies
Deb Bartel
They just shut most stuff down - Alaska, FYI
Thank you for all of the great info!!
Jonathan Shorter
Head to the Aleutians!
Jonathan Shorter
Sorry to have been late. Was there a discussion of what folk are doing as we are hearing of school plans in the fall?
Deb Bartel
Is there any info on other viruses that show possible long term issues for folks who are positive for it but don't have symptoms or get treatment?
James Randall
there is a formula, that you need x% of negatives to state your result is 95% confidence interval. AZ running at 25% positives, so they are horribly under reported
Deb Bartel
Sheesh for me as a non medically trained person this slide's info is mind blowing....and if I'm honest pretty scary.
Deb Bartel
Already true with chronic disease patients...continuous dialogue and experience
Deb Bartel
in a future meeting can we talk about big giant groups of online providers stealing patients from us even though they don't physically practice anywhere near us....
Karen Anderson
Thank you for all the great information and things for us to think about.
Jonathan Shorter
Yes, thank you for your leadership.