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WeRotary- General Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Kat Haber
Viktoria-resigning, 2 years flew by, difficult with time and participation, 2 hours in middle of active day, returning to Skhalinsk Club, First action 4 delegations from Russia, Novobirsk, Siberia, 12 people from Clubs, tours all over south of the Island, Made them feel welcome, so preferring to be with an in person club, , not wishing to lose contact with WE Rotary, appreciated substantial meetings, one day we may meet again,
Rick Stoeckel - Quincy, MA - USA
Getting a lot of static feedback from someone's unmuted microphone ...
Kat Haber
The Nuns, The Priest & The Bomb-Helen all ended
Kat Haber
The Olympics is only permitting Japanese to spectate at the Games. No Foreign visitors.
Kat Haber
Peace Dialogue keeping Thousands of field students from Japan, meet a survivor in a workshop, peace park tours, custom programs fro foreigners, farm is over for now, peace with nature/others/self, need to relearn sustainable ag, farm with no income not possible, Honucho people are being paid by town, need a great Japanese sustainability farmer-YOUNGER BODIES NEEDED-how might we solve this together?
Kat Haber
WE Rotary website: https://rotaryeclubdistrict5000hawaii.org/
Kat Haber
Steve gave us a tremendous overview of his peace efforts thwarted, visions, and connecting the dots. He suggests we rebuild our website.
Kat Haber
Marshallese on the Big Island, two in communication in Ocean View, 400-500 living in the community, met with David & Lucinda twice online, WE requested solar plan, it never came, needed more info on their community, ISLAND TIME?
Kat Haber
Your passion in life should fit you exactly; but your purpose in life should exceed you. Steve, you are working for something much larger than yourself. You have shared today about the changes you are dreaming of making. Thank you for revealing your history and inviting us to serve your purpose. Thank you for such a beautiful pandemic year. This, too shall pass. Japan will again welcome visitors. We stand with you and your vision.
Steve, I am sorry I participated in a few meetings presided by you, but I admire your enthusiasm amd dedication to the cause you have chosen!
I have to go, unfortunately,early morning tomorrow. Good bye, everyone. Thanks again, Steve for your work!
Kat Haber
would you like to say something before you leave tonight?
Yes, I can repeat what I have writen