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2021 Virtual Foresters Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
David New
Hi Dennis, You ask a very important question Bruce and I would like to reply to. From my low aging perspective I see at least four new forester roles that will require substantial new education both at university and continual/experiential . 1 - Precision Forest Management These positions will be highly involved in integrating cloud data with other biological, soils, climate, and financial to optimize localized forest management. 2. Water Systems Foresters - Will support optimizing water services returns from both forest management but also upper watershed water management 3. Recreation Foresters will actively market and manage on the ground recreation opportunities and associated land and infrastructure management 4. Advanced Integrated Services Forest Management Planning - Tackle integrated in a real and practical way ecosystem services, timber, water and carbon planning
How is the danglehead or stroker not going to peel those tags right off? Or knocking it off when skidding?