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2022 Financial Plan Open House - Shared screen with speaker view
Dave & Lena Kublick
With a strong Ukrainian heritage in our Municipality, and the English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program (EUBP) at Happy Thought and ESMS, families fleeing war-torn Ukraine are seeking community: Is there any provision or planning for potential influx of Ukrainian families to St Clements? eg housing, employment opportunities, etc. (There is an informal consortium of all 7 school divisions with EUBPs seeking to collaborate to support the children and Moms (adult males remaining in the Ukraine). Is there any similar collaboration occurring with the AMM group? Is there a need for contact information to help facilitate this?)
Edwin Brook
Are the situations with overland flooding that are occurring at this time being taken into consideration in the evaluation of priority of drainage projects. The current flooding event is due to extreme weather but as the climate crises continues this can be expected to be more frequent. Example, several properties on Nanton Road have been significantly impacted by flooding. New home construction on Nanton has increased the problem. A previous assessment of drainage is no longer relevant and should be revisited to assist homeowners to mitigate flooding risk.
Dave & Lena Kublick
Could you please explain what is included in "Transportation Services?"
In regard to the Strategic Plan - Goal 3, there is virtually nothing there for those of us not living in those specific areas and yet we are being asked to shoulder some of the cost of for them. What form will the return of investment be provided to us? I don't necessarily want to fund projects I will not be able to use.
Donna Tschetter
How do we find out what roads are going to be repaired this year. Developments are increasing and municipal roads are not being upgraded for additional traffic. Ie. CIL Rd.
Edwin Brook
Goal 3 - Why is technology not part of this goal? The pandemic has shown that many people look now for opportunities to work from home, learn from home, maintain small business from home with web based businesses. Local companies have expressed interest to expand fibre optic networks to many areas of the municipality which will bring faster internet and more importantly a more stable network than the less reliable wireless internet networks. Without stable connections and adequate connection speeds this puts residents behind other areas. Opportunities for laying of cabling at reduced cost have been missed. example: during the installation of the sewer line from east Selkirk to Lockport cabling could have been run and provide service to residents over that distance. When will the rm work with internet providers to enhance and expand services in the rm as other Manitoba rm's have done?
Maria’s iPhone
I keep hearing about a boat launch in your presentation. Where is this boat launch located?
Dave & Lena Kublick
Thank you for arranging and facilitating this - appreciated this!
Maria’s iPhone
Thank you for your presentation and answers to our questions.
Vee Scromeda
thanks for the presentation
Donna Tschetter
Thanks for the hybrid format!
Robert Byron
Thank you have a good evening...