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GBI's DOD Guiding Principles Compliance Verification for New Construction (DOD GPC NC) Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Micah Thomas
We will be happy to provide all participants with the presentation in PDF form.
Joseph Scarpa
Is the dedicated GBI Project Manager a W-2 employee of TGBI? How's their workload looking?
Kate Callahan
The project manager is a GBI employee.
Micah Thomas
Hi Joni, we will be happy to provide a copy of today's presentation in PDF form for all participants.
Micah Thomas
Hi Joni, the recording and PDF will be available via this link, https://thegbi.org/training/credited-courses/webinars/37/
Athir Jamil
Good afternoon. A couple of quick questions and apologies if I missed any notes earlier: Can you provide attendees with a link to the recording of this webinar for future reference?
Kate Callahan
Hello Athir - the recording will be available on the website here: https://thegbi.org/training/credited-courses/webinars/37/
Athir Jamil
Also, is it possible to get a copy via email of the presentation file used for this session for our reference?
Micah Thomas
Hi Athir, the PDF copy of today's email will also be available via the link provided by Kate. I will check to confirm that all participants will be emailed the link to access both the recording and PDF.
Athir Jamil
Lastly, would we receive a certificate of attendance for this session via email?
Brett Jackson
how long is the certification good for before recert is required? . As an example LEED NC Cert is good for 5 years. Thank you Megan. great overview
Micah Thomas
Hi Dolores, a PDF of today's presentation plus recording will both be available on our website here: https://thegbi.org/training/credited-courses/webinars/37/
Kate Callahan
Athir, yes, we are providing certificates of completion, if you have an AIA number we can report the credit for you as well. Please send your request to training@thegbi.org.
Kate Callahan
Adam, the scoping checklist is a supporting document, the survey is only available once you have paid for the project registration.
Athir Jamil
Thank you Kate and Micah for your responses.
Rick Siler
When the design team is hired to write an RFP (35%) for the govt. can we register without cost? The design team writing the RFP is responsible for the charrette phase, however, the winning Design Build team will be responsible for the completion and registration but will need to include the information from RFP development.
Micah Thomas
Hi Brett, compliance to the federal Guiding Principles works differently than the typical green building certification. Our Final DOD GPC NC Report (after construction) includes guidance and recommendations for Ongoing Compliance. What we've been seeing is that most DOD facilities self-assess their Ongoing Requirements for existing buildings after completing the Third-Party Certification (TPC) process for new construction.
Kate Callahan
Rick, thanks for your question, a project team could order a standalone project registration, and just pay for the project registration fee to gain access to the survey. The assessment could be ordered and paid for separately. The survey is only available once the project has been registered.
Sankaranand Ramasamy
Does GBI also handle Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings ? or is that FEMP?
Micah Thomas
Hi Adam, the Scoping Checklist is a much shorter version of the full survey. The Scoping Checklist is available for free to the public, and outlines the UFC 01-200-02 requirements at a high-level. The full DOD GPC NC Survey includes all requirements, including recommended documentation and informational references.
Micah Thomas
Hi Sankaranand, the "Guiding Principles for Sustainable Buildings" is the same as what we are discussing today. UFC 1-200-02 is DOD's set of requirements for meeting the Guiding Principles for Sustainable Buildings, per E.O. 13834
Kate Callahan
Dolores, if you already provided your number, do not worry about following up with an email. Our Client Services team will report your AIA credit and email you a certificate.
Micah Thomas
FEMP also provides a lot of great guidance for compliance to the Guiding Principles, and we reference several of FEMP's resources for project teams.
Jill Kurtz
is there a DOD tool used to determine cost effectiveness?
Sankaranand Ramasamy
Micah, thanks for the response. The checklists for the Sustainable Federal Buildings are different from the DOD checklists, and thus my question. 'Sustainable Federal Buildings' checklist has to meet a certain number of metrics based on New construction or Renovation. A building I am working on has both renovation and new construction, so we are not sure if there is a criteria for qualifying a building as new construction. This is critical for our team in order to meet the energy efficiency goals outlined in Guiding Principles
Micah Thomas
Hi Sankaranand, we have a "non-DOD" GPC NC Survey that sticks to the documents you are referring to. DOD has more stringent requirements in place for several of the Guiding Principles, which necessitated having two different GPC NC programs.If you're interested in our "non-DOD" GPC NC program, let me know and I can direct you to those resources.
Micah Thomas
Hi Jill, DOD recommends using one of the BLCC programs available here, https://www.energy.gov/eere/femp/building-life-cycle-cost-programs
Sankaranand Ramasamy
Hi Micah, Sure, my email address is s.ramasamy@clarknexsen.com
Micah Thomas
We have five defined justifications for when a requirement may be N/A. For building orientation, what we've typically seen is if the building's mission is tied to its orientation and thus cannot be changed. That would satisfy being N/A.
Megan Baker
Hi Adam, preferably, we would delay the onsite assessment until you are ready rather than delaying the report after the onsite assessment.
Megan Baker
if you communicate with your assessor and he/she knows that we are waiting on a commissioning report etc. after the onsite assessment, he/she will hold the report
Megan Baker
we don't ever want to issue "not compliant" reports
Kate Callahan
Shelly, when you are ready for the Onsite Assessment you will let your GBI project manager know and they will connect you with your assessor. If travel is still suspended, we would offer the visit virtually, and provide a refund for assessor travel.
Kate Callahan
There will still be a fee for the 'Onsite Assessment' which will be handled virtually.
Athir Jamil
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Ban Salih
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Megan Baker
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Frank Cappella
Please send me the link for the recording: cappella.francis.w@dol.gov, thanks, great presentation!