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LIVE: Age Friendly Celebration - Shared screen with speaker view
George Butterfield
Excited!! :)
Gabby Godoy
Forward questions to ggodoy1@smcgov.org or call/text 650-619-0746
George Butterfield
Canepa hype!!
George Butterfield
San Mateo represent!!! :)
Gabby Godoy
Hello, there are different views, that you can view to enlarge the screen
Chris Beth
Way to go RWC!!
Diane Howard
Laura, you did a wonderful job! Your enthusiasm is so contagious. Thank you for representing us so well. Diane
Michelle Makino
Greetings! Congratulations to all. I
Gabby Godoy
Hello everyone, there are ways to adjust the view. If you click the top right hand button that says “view” you will see a drop down list of how you can view the webinar. If you would like to see the slides without the panelists’ faces (or make the panelist faces smaller, I recommend using the standard screen. If you would like to see the speaker and the slides, press “side-by-side: speaker” Hope this helps!
Tom Barrett
Great job, Cherie!
Michelle Makino
This is Michelle Makino. Congratulations to everyone! This is so exciting to hear about the progress in each city. Hello and great job Laura, Cherie, and all others. A special hello and thanks to Anabel and Supervisor Canepa!! Super job and I'm so proud of all of you! I have to give a shout-out to Aging and Adult Services' Anna Sawamura and Nicole Fernandez.
David Klein
yay ADUs :-)
Sung jin moon
san Mateo!! woot woot
Gabby Godoy
Hello everyone, If you have a question, please put it in the chat or Q&A portion of the webinar. If we cannot get to your questions tonight, we will email you.
Arlene Aquino
Monthly Appy Hours for adults age 55 or better who want to learn more about technology are offered on Zoom - older adults new to Zoom can schedule practice session before Appy Hour - must have email - contact Arlene Aquino in the Help@Hand Program at Peninsula Family Service to sign-up: aaquino@peninsulafamilyservice.org 650-403-4300 ext. 4327
Mike Richardson
If you have a question for our panelists, please submit via the Q&A button. Thank you!
Jennifer Phan
Wonderful presentations and great hearing from our fellow neighbors! Foster City is on its way and we hope we can join you all with an Age Friendly designation (fairly) soon!
Jennifer Phan
And yay, Patricia! Thank you for representing Foster City!
Ann Keighran
in case we don't get to your question this evening, please email your question to akeighran@smcgov.org and I will get back to you. Some of these question, I will need to touch base with Council members and/or staff in order to provide answers
Jean Hastie
Congratulations to all the cities and individuals involved. Wonderful support for older adults. Thank you all. Jean Hastie, Commission on Aging
Doris Duncan
Thank you, panel, for your informative presentations. I look forward to seeing Foster become officially Age Friendly. Doris Duncan
Pat Bohm
Congrats to all the panelists on great presentations and programming. Daly City Partnership's Healthy Aging Response Team can assist any Northern San Mateo County senior connect to resources, assistance, and services. Please call 650-991-5558 any time to get connected.
jeanne Mccarthy
How does one become involved with the support services for aging and adult services in the City of San Mateo, e.g., are there volunteer opportunities to assist with the various services?
Tom Barrett
Great Question,Jeanne.
John Violet
Nice update on projects. Amazing work and progress.
Great presentations! Congratulations to all!
Sung jin moon
thank you!!