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Repair Revolution (Climate Conversation #4) - Shared screen with speaker view
John Lyons
John Lyons Symbiosis. Sustainable consulting and remodeling.
Kathy Galione
Hi Everyone! Kathy Galione here from Rockland Repair Café! Also am Project Coordinator for Rockland Conservation & Service Corps
Courtney C.
Hi Everyone! I’m Courtney Cordaro, the founder and organizer of the Summit, NJ Repair Cafe. The only Union County Repair Cafe!
Andrew Willner
Hi, Andy Willner, The Center for Post Carbon Logistics https://postcarbonlogistics.org, Senior Fellow Sustainable Hudson Valley, and told John a repair story that he included in his book
Brian James
Hi. Brian James, the programmer from the Esopus Library.
Joseph Phelan
Hello. Joe Phelan here, SHV Senior Fellow, recently retired Rhinebeck school district superintendent, and member of the planning group for the new Dutchess Cojnty BOCES Center for Sustainability and Climate Education.
Maria Reidelbach
Hi all! Maria REidelbach, Stick to Local Studio with Carol Reingold, energy navigator, pianist, singer and teacher of the same.
Sarah Wohlfahrt
Hi, Sarah Wohlfahrt, water engineer in Westchester Co, originally from Red Hook. I heard of this through the Instagram page
Gayle Olander
Hi Everyone, I am Gayle Olander from Santa Fe, NM. John Wackman invited me to this event and I am looking to relocate to Kingston in the spring and interested in networking ahead of time. Happy to be here. Thank you.
Mark Varian
Hi, Congratulations John & Elizabeth from Miriam & Mark Varian - New Paltz Climate Action Coalition
Joseph Montuori
Hello, all! I’m Joe Montuori, Chair of Sustainable Putnam, a new nonprofit community organization working to educate and synergize sustainability and resilience action in … Putnam County, of course. :)
Jill Padua
Jill Padua, Organizer of Tusten Repair Café, and Town Councilwoman in Narrowsburg, Sullivan County. Thanks to Elizabeth for reaching out to me knowing my environmental values.
Gurinder Garcha
Hello All I am Gurinder Garcha from Clifton Park Library Repair Café I am Retired Engineers from GE. Me and my wife Dr Terry of Family Chiropractic Wellness Clifton Sponsor Repair Café in Clifton Park Library We did two events and we are also creating team to work on Computers. I can be reached at "gurindergarcha@yahoo.com"
Caroline Rothaug
Caroline here from Saratoga Springs. I heard about this from Sustainable Saratoga.
vanessa bertozzi
Hi Vanessa Bertozzi from Rhinebeck Climate Smart Task Force. As my day job: developing a new grant/support program for Local Champions
David Gross
Does anyone know where "away," or "out" are? Can't find those places where things are thrown on a map.
Iris Marie Bloom
This is so fabulous. I love the photos, quotes, and way you are organizing this information! Thank you!
Valerie Lucznikowska
David Gross - “away” and “out” are EVERYWHERE.
Iris Marie Bloom
Forgot to intro me. I am Iris Marie Bloom. As part of Protecting Our Waters, I've been fighting fracking and the plastics industry for 11 years. I work with New Paltz Climate Action Coalition, Woodstock ReThink Disposables, TIAA Divest! (a campaign to get TIAA to divest from climate destruction, ie fossil fuels and deforestation) and I'm a Marbletown Environmental Conservation Commission member. I live in Stone Ridge.
Sara Goddard
Hi, I’m Sara Goddard, founder and former chair of Rye Sustainability Committee (Rye, NY) and a current elected representative of the Rye City Council and publisher of Green That Life: https://greenthatlife.com/ I’m looking forward to learning more about Repair Cafes!
Courtney C.
If anyone would like to watch a film about reusing, this is a fantastic one, REUSE! Because You Can’t Recycle the Planet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcZd2tfi2vg It features Alex Eaves who travels all over the US to see different reuse methods people have employed. It’s about an hour and entirely free to watch for personal/home use right on YouTube. If any organization would like to host a public screening please reach out to me at bookings@stayvocal.com .
Melissa Everett
Kelsey is on this Zoom. So is Stephanie from Cahoots!
MJ Wilson
Hi All, MJ Wilson, Master Composter & Recycler, Westchester County and Clearwater Festival Zero Waste Technical Coordinator
Joseph Montuori
Thank you so much, John and Elizabeth! Can’t wait to pick up your book!
vanessa bertozzi
Thank you for all the photos in your presentation. It’s really so much about the happy faces and the experience of this.
Amy Bloomfield
Thank you! Love the book
Renèe Rosenberg
Thanks John and Elizabeth. great presentation
Brooke Dittmar
We have ordered the book for the Esopus Library collection. Very excited to receive and read it first!
Stephanie Erwin
Unfortunately, I think Patagonia has paused its repair operations due to Covid.
Kathy Galione
Patagonia had started back up, but I don't know if they closed a second time. I know a sewist there
riva weinstein
So what can we do as consumers to insist on right to repair?
Melissa Everett
Melissa Everett
Melissa Everett
Kathy Galione
Question: Suggestions for an online Repair Café? Anyone who has modeled that well? Also, good techniques or guides for non-repair people to learn how?
Nicola Coddington
Nikki Coddington here—I live in Irvington NY, where Eileen Fisher Inc. has HQ plus their Renew shop where they re-sell their used clothes, and used to (before Covid) repair their clothing for free—they replaced snaps on my EF coat. I’ve participated as a textile mender in Hastings-on-Hudson’s Repair Cafe.
Kathy Galione
Re-stated: What is the best way to do an online Repair Café?
Kelsey Steele
@kathy, great question! There are recordings of past virtual cafe's here: https://repaircafe.tv/videos
Kelsey Steele
Nor sure about regular ongoing ones...
Courtney C.
I do believe another Repair Cafe organizer often hosts online Repair Cafes on this website. https://repaircafe.tv The Repair Cafe I organize is in works to also host a single session RC to show how to sew a button or something simple people can watch and learn from their home until we can meet again in person.
Kathy Galione
@Kelsey and Courtney - Thank you!
Kelsey Steele
@Courtney, that's awesome. What is your repair café called and/or how can we be notified when it has been started?
riva weinstein
Does anyone have any resource for recycling old video, slides and other analog films? I understand they have silver and other metals that can be reclaimed…
MJ Wilson
John & Elizabeth - Have you been engaged with New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling (NYSAR3)? And if yes, have they offered you any meaningful support?
bethany reed
Just want to say thank you to the organizers and attendees of this event - it raises my spirits that there are likeminded people out there, and greatfull for this opportunity to learn!
Brooke Dittmar
Zoom Repair cafe organizer: Don Fick- repaircafenc@gmail.com (Repair Cafe North Carolina) He is also involved with repaircafeTV. There is a repair cafe organizers Facebook group, also.
Andrew Willner
BMW's made in Germany not in the US
Amy Bloomfield
I'm not able to use my microphone or camera at the moment and have to hop off soon but I work over the NYSDEC and wanted to share that some of our staff members have joined a Government Reuse forum through the organization Upstream. It's a forum of representatives from each state who are interested in implemented reuse strategies and policies in their state. DEC also supports the repair movement and assists with outreach regarding repair and reuse.
Stephanie Erwin
YouTube is a great help. I think part of the missing ingredient to scaling repair is having accessible training resources/certification for repair. Repair work could fit well within the gig economy.
Amy Bloomfield
work over at the NYSDEC* Implementing* ( sorry for the typos!)
Amy Bloomfield
https://upstreamsolutions.org/ people may find resources here useful
Maria Reidelbach
I've been a repair coach in Rosendale Repair Café - I fix sweaters. It's really so fun and gratifying! I'm working on a climate change cookbook and cover food waste, which is also a big issue. www.turningthetablescookbook.com
Jill Padua
While we are not having in person repair cafes at the moment, we are doing a drop off service... I have 3 items going to my mechanical/electrical coach this afternoon.
Andrew Willner
I just discovered that some of my old stereo equipment has a resale value https://www.nbcnews.com/id/wbna11655513
Amy Bloomfield
Finger Lakes Reuse Center also has a great model for repair as jobs skills training. items are donated and people are taught to repair them that need jobs skills training. Then the repaired objects can be sold/ provided through he reuse center and the volunteers learn needed skills. https://ithacareuse.org/
Amy Bloomfield
Gotta hop off thanks everyone!
MJ Wilson
Just as an FYI, there is group in NYC called the Fixit Collective that in pre-covid times was very active.
David Gross
Have to go. Been a pleasure!
Nicola Coddington
Here in the lower Hudson Valley we have on FaceBook several Buy Nothing pages (hyper local) where people can give away or request items, including some that are non working that others might need for parts or could repair themselves.
Stephanie Erwin
^^love that, Nikki
riva weinstein
Where are the recordings posted, please? Thank you.
Gayle Olander
This was so wonderful! thank you so much!!
Sara Goddard
Incredibly informative and inspiring. Thank you! Sara
Kelsey Steele
Thank you!
Stephanie Erwin
Thank you!
Brooke Dittmar
Excellent program! Would like access to the chat info, as well as the recording: esopusdirector@gmail.com
vanessa bertozzi