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Bruce Simpson - Harrodsburg Road LLC - Development News Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
James Brucken
If able to ask questions - were discussing support for this developer’s plan. But is there an actual proposal from another developer for high density/apartment housing? The Palomar Letter sent Oct 15 indicates as second proposal - but where did that come from ?
James Brucken
The letter had two exhibits, but not sure who is being forward Ehibit 2 apartment housing
The 2nd plan is a conceptual plan of what may potentially fit in the space. Not submitted. More than likely it wouldn't be that dense as I understand it.
James Brucken
Agree with the current comments, about traffic coming through Syringa - this is priority for me is to contain that access to only single family residence, low destiny. This also a safety on Palomar Blvd/Syringa
G. McDaniel
I agree too
Thomas Adler
Me too! High-density housing using Syringa to Palomar Blvd., in either direction, will be horrible!!!
Kelley Windsor
What about the upscale restaurant?