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Vaccine Info Session with WDG Public Health - Speaker view
Sandra Berry
Thank you for organizing this discussion.
Sandra Berry
My question is for Dr. Mercer ... Before deciding on whether or not I should get the experimental covid vaccine I would like to make an informed decision. These vaccines incorporate novel technologies that have never been used on humans before. They have also bypassed critical animal studies that normally a vaccine would be subject to. Could you please explain how the mRNA & Vector technologies work & what the possible short & long-term side effects would be?
Brandy Davis, MPP Office
Thank you for joining us this evening.Please add your questions here in the chat.For anyone who would like to ask a question privately, you can send your inquiries to mschreiner-co@ola.org and we will follow up with you.
Brandy Davis, MPP Office
The following resources are available for those looking for support. CMHA WW website: www.cmhaww.caHere4Help website: www.here4help.caHere 24/7 Crisis Line – open 24/7: 1-844-437-3247 (HERE247)
Patrick McAuley
The WDGPH website says that your target is for 75% of eligible residents to have at lest a first dose by June. When that is achieved, is that when you will start giving second doses?
Bob McKay
Will Universities require students to be vaccinated?
Trevor Ottley
how concerning is the B 1.617 variant starting to emerge?
Bob McKay
Will we require a 3rd shot?
Cathy McClean
Will you be moving up the 2nd doses for 80+?
Megan Duivesteyn
Hi Dr Mercer, if there any word of when we will be receiving our J&J vaccines? Thank-you for your time!
Sandra Berry
Given covid should be addressed as early as possible, why has the government not given as much effort to incorporating viable medications that are already approved by the FDA that work both preventatively & curatively such as Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine...there are more as well. These have studies to support their efficacy. People do not need to die, hospitals need not be saturated & lockdowns would cease.
Jessie Caplan
Hello, I’m wondering if you’re able to educate us on the delay for second dose, as this is against what each vaccine website information is saying?
Patrick McAuley
How.when will homebound people get vaccinated?
Crista Renner
There seems to be a lack of information for people who have had the virus. Can you provide a helpful website that helps us navigate the what now scenarios - ie. we will continue to test positive for three months and the implications this creates, when we can get a vaccine, the toll it has taken on our kids and the fear it has created, etc.
Megan Duivesteyn
Has WDG started vaccinating essential workers even if they are under the age of 60? People in manufacturing, warehouses etc. Teachers?
Jessie Caplan
Also- will public health be attending the shelter system to capture our homeless population where pre- registration is not an option for them?
Shel Goldstein
typo on 2 slides back: “eligible for vacation” ha
Kelly Livingstone
If we pre-registered for phase 2 of vaccination, by what month can we expect to be vaccinated?
Sandra Berry
The survival rate for the majority, those under 72 yrs old, experience a 99.9% survival rate. The average age of a covid fatality is 82 yrs old with 2-3 comorbitities...69% of covid deaths were in LTCF. Let's consider a focused & targeted plan. An EU Authorized vaccine is not justifiable especially when there are viable, FDA approved early treatments that work both preventatively & curatively.
Sandra Berry
A real pandemic does not need PR.
Barbara Andrew
Do we know where we are with vaccines being developed in Canada?
Bob McKay
With our % of vaccines all ready done,30% will this effect our quantity coming from Province
Sandra Berry
Is Ontario still using the fatally flawed RT-PCR Test to determine a positive case of covid? The covid event rests on the shoulders of this fraudulently used test that is not a diagnostic tool whose results- bloated case counts, misrepresent the truth of this event. It has been banned in Portugal.
Sandra Berry
Interesting that my questions were not answered. This is tale telling.
Kelly Livingstone
They said they are getting to the questions at the end of the presentations
Patricia Mason
Could you explain how people not in the current priority groups are getting vaccinated ahead of those higher in priority? And is there other considerations for priority within subgroups - eg. are older people with chronic disease a higher priority than younger people living with the same chronic disease all else equal?
Dr. Nicola Mercer
When we are able to finish phase 2 depends very much on how much vaccine we are given locally unfortunately. We can deliver 50,000 doses a week but currently are only getting about 8,000. We are ready once the vaccine arrives.
Brandy Davis, MPP Office
Any questions we are not able to answer within the time available, we will answer in a follow up email. If you would like to receive the email at a different email address than the one you registered for this event with, please email our office at mschreiner-co@ola.org to request it.
Dr. Nicola Mercer
Whether universities will require COVID vaccination is a great question. Many universities in the US as well as in Canada are considering requiring vaccine for university residences since they are a congregate setting. It is also possible that vaccination will be required to enter other countries in the future.
Dr. Nicola Mercer
The WW LHIN provided us with a list of homebound patients on chronic home care and we have completed that list just today. For people who have limited mobility and on chronic home care they are being done in small clinics in public health offices.
Shel Goldstein
Though a federal issue, have you heard any discussion of Canada procuring conventional (that is, not mRNA nor vector) vaccines ? China successfully manufactures sinopharm, for instance ? Access to conventional vaccine may go a long way towards overcoming vaccine hesitancy.
Melissa Gee
Thank you for organizing this. Much appreciated. I'm grateful for so much strong local leadership.
Trevor Ottley
Thank you!
Brandy Swain
Thank you so much! You are doing an amazing job, Dr Mercer. We are very lucky to live in WDG.
werner Zimmermann
Thank you!