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CPB's Digital Transformation Program - Shared screen with gallery view
Hugo Morales
Hellos, Hugo Morales, Radio Bilingüe. Thank you for this opportunity. Will the recording be available at a later date for me to share w my staff?
Poynter | Ryan Jenot
@Hugo — Yes it will be.
Kristen Muller
I cannot endorse this program enough. Our team has worked with Quentin/ Table stakes for 3 + years and it has been transformational at all levels of the company
Seo McPolin
What are specific and universal examples of early wins?
Rachel Hubbard
Will CPB be listening to collective feedback? We had a great experience with the FB Accelerator, but we were frustrated by some baked in systems within public radio that prevented us from being as agile as we needed to be.
Michael D Arnold
Some organizations are going through leadership transitions that may not be fully resolved by the deadline. Are there opportunities for organizations to jump in once that is resolved (may not be by the deadlines stated).
Kristen Muller
A great primer/ resource: https://www.amazon.com/Table-Stakes-Manual-Getting-Game/dp/1977902731/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=table+stakes+book&qid=1631904138&s=instant-video&sr=1-1-catcorr
Jun Reina
What might be an ideal composition of the station team in terms of functions?
Judith Smelser
Amplifying Michael Arnold's question - interested in that too.
Andy Cheatwood (KPCC/LAist)
What are some of the criteria you will be weighing in selecting cohorts?
Bob Kempf
+ 1, Andy’s question
Jodi Gersh // CPR
The Table Stakes program has been around for a few years now and I am aware of a lot of media orgs that went through it, but can you share the % of non-profit vs commercial media that has successfully gone through the program? I ask b/c the goals of some of the digital content we produce aren't necessarily the same as commercial media. Thanks!
David Hyland
What about separate cohorts based on different digital strategies? I see a lot of stations that are investing in/focused only in audio content (streaming, podcasts, NPR One) while the most effective orgs are ones that are growing beyond just audio (i.e. written articles, newsletters, etc.). At the risk of grandstanding, I wanted to suggest that the inevitable digital transformation is one that challenges many orthodox ideas that many broadcasters cling to. Some orgs want to be the next Netflix or Audible. Others want to be the NY Times or Washington Post.
Joe O'Connor
+1 David Hyland and whether it be Netflix or the Times, how can local stations get to scale on their own? Examples of local digital beneath a major market size without scale thriving?
David Hyland
Thanks Quentin
JoAnn Urofsky
As a Table Stakes alumni station, I can attest to the strength of the concept and to its lasting effects. Each TS station set its goals according to its needs and capabilities. Programs like this are a leap of faith in some ways and I would suggest this project will be well worth the leap. WUSF is still involved in the TS alumni work and is using the foundations of TS every day in our work.
Nikki Swarn She/Her/Enough
Thank you!
Charles Sather
Thank you!
Poynter | Ryan Jenot
Here are the questions again: https://poy.nu/ApplicationQuestionsDTP
Judith Smelser
Thank you!
Poynter | Ryan Jenot
Thank you everyone!
Bill Johnson