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KFN Event: Real Estate - Shared screen with speaker view
Blythe Hamer
Colin has posted two questions: Given that this vaccine isn't a true vaccine, but rather an experimental gene therapy, many thoughtful people are not wanting to introduce an inoculation that does not have known results and does not claim that to actually prevent a COVID illness. How will you and your clients deal with the un-inoculated?What doe you see happening to mall space. What creative uses might emerge for those structures?
Blythe Hamer
Please post your questions - we’ll be going to Q&A shortly.
iPad (3)
will hvac requirements change?
Charlie Wyman
Do you have any views on residential housing? Single-family rentals seem to be popular at the moment, does that product have a valid long-term demand thesis in your view? Or is the trend to develop SFR overblown and multifamily demand may return to more normal trends (especially in urban areas)?
Dave Sherwood
Can you comment on multifamily housing in NYC? Pricing, occupancy percent? Will it return to pre-covid levels in in next 2 years?
David Arenas
To address another macro-event, how is Climate Change being evaluated in decisions on where to invest and develop assets in the 10-15 year future? Currently, I see a significant migration rush towards FL and TX. Is it possible we could expect a return of migration to higher latitudes to escape droughts and to the Great Lakes region for fresh water? If so, is Chicago ready for the future and what would be the impact of stranded assets left behind?
Juan manuel Gabarron
Do you see a swift on the offices location from big cities and large buildings to maybe offices in smaller towns around resident areas when people can meet in smaller groups, making a network flexible offices?
Jay Sala
What is the view on income and asset prices of the broad REIT space over different time horizons given the shifts to company footprints / usage profile and the creative destruction mentioned by the panel? Thanks.
Tom Lisiecki
For someone from Europe, do you see US investors focusing more on US opportunities as distressed product might come up locally rather than investing in Europe?
Wayne Chang
Your perspectives on “Wework” like shared workspace model - going away or going through transition to modify business model?