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Statewide Priorities and CCO Investment in Housing Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Nancy Goff
Please feel free to chat in questions for the speakers! We will try to get to you questions during the Q & A
Heidi Hill
Where will this be shared? The presentation and slides?
Nancy Goff
Yes, the slides will be shared on the OHA website after the webinar.
Akira Bernier
I see that USDA Rural Development housing resources were linked. We have heard from our providers/practices in Central Oregon and Marion & Polk counties that there aren't a lot of resources available. How is this gap being addressed in the statewide priorities, if at all?
Akira Bernier
Is this functionality built into PreMagage EDIE now or just an idea?
Lindsey Stailing
Do Mike and Conner have anything to share re: Unite Us and HMIS integration?
Heidi Hill
I am interested in the same question regarding HMIS integration and Aunt Bertha.
Connor McDonnell, OHCS (he / him / his)
Aunt Bertha & Unite Us tend to be connecting people to services or like a "yellow pages" of resources. Very necessary and good information for people in need of housing services.
F. Douglas Carr
Please define temporary?
Akira Bernier
What is SHARE Initiative?
Jen Martinek
Will OHA be defining what is meant by "ongoing" rental assistance? Is there a limit to how many months a CCO may fund for individual members? We've made internal decisions, but it would help to have more guidance, as even the housing guide doesn't directly address limits.
Akira Bernier
Oh I see the resource on the slide, thanks.
Connor McDonnell, OHCS (he / him / his)
Responding to Akira's questions: in terms of "housing" there is the physical unit and then the ability for someone to pay for that unit. People need assistance locating a unit and also being able to pay their unit. Our agency provides rental assistance resources across Oregon & then resources to build new housing that is geared towards rural communities (i.e. LIFT & small projects).
Mike Savara (OHCS) he/him/his
Also, @Akira, regarding the PreManage/HMIS integration. It is not a built in aspect of it but Collective Medical has been doing some great work thinking through how to build out these strategies. Lane County and Clackamas County come to mind as regions doing some incredible work on this front- more about this tie in this PSU research article here: https://pdxscholar.library.pdx.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1016&context=hrac_pub
Lori Kelley
@JennMartinek, we don't define, explicitly, in time increments temporary vs ongoing Rental Assistance. However, we would expect barrier removal/temporary assistance to have some defining elements: a plan for ongoing Rental Assistance or reason that ongoing rental assistance is not required.. Generally we would like to consider this service a barrier busting method to maintaining or obtaining housing, with a long term plan for ongoing rent coverage already in place.