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Govenors Resilient Louisiana Task Force - Shared screen with speaker view
DNunez OMNIResearch
Is this public comment period /
Ann Duplessis
DNunez OMNIResearch
may I speak now please/
I would love to see community banking institutions outreach regarding homeownership. More education as in home buyer education. Thanks for allowing me to join the opportunity to join the meeting.
Ann Duplessis
would you like to speak?
Scott Podvin
yes, please
Scott Podvin
I am completely in favor of a virtual town hall
DNunez OMNIResearch
anyone interested in a virtual townhall and statewide campaign...contact me at omniresearch@aol.com
Affordable housing is a desperate need in New Orleans
DNunez OMNIResearch
Credit Unions, CDFIs , MDI's etc. have access to a window of 60Billiondollars.....We need to get the money before it runs out.....
DNunez OMNIResearch
Sense of Urgency ..is needed..
Natasha-Tim here. For a number of years, a large issue for community banks is to increase business loans. This has not been too successful. Also, new home loans have been rather stagnant
DNunez OMNIResearch
Thank you I am glad there is some action...
Scott Podvin
In many municipalities across the country, the municipality has either given tax abatements and/or donated the land; provided that, the developer builds an affordable housing project. My recommendation is that we do the same in New Orleans. Our team is prepared to put shovels in the ground and start constructing affordable housing in Louisiana.
Natasha-feel free to reach out to me. You are correct and this is an issue for the LBA. Tim@triunegfs.com
Mr. Hill. a LED business lending program is doable. Do not forget the TALF program. Also remember CDFI’s have $30B
Scott Podvin
Covington-based Stirling Properties announced the Maurin Ogden Tulane Real Estate Fund yesterday, a new academic scholarship opportunity for Tulane University graduate students pursuing a real estate or related degree. Stirling Properties is one of the leading commercial brokers and property managers in the region, and it also engages in shopping center and healthcare development projects.In partnership with Tulane University and ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) Foundation, the Maurin Ogden Tulane Real Estate Fund focuses on academic and professional development for graduate students enrolled in the A.B. Freeman School of Business and School of Architecture. Underwritten by Jimmy Maurin and Roger Ogden, founders of Stirling Properties, the new fund will distribute $10,000 a year for academic awards over the next ten years.As part of the fund, one (1) $5,000 scholarship will be awarded each year for qualified tuition and related expenses. The scholarship recipient will also receive ICSC Stude
One program to consider is the Term Asset Backed Loan Facility. This may allow banks to make business and personal loans, then an ABS for sale to the Fed.
Scott Podvin
DNunez OMNIResearch
I have a comment on insurance
Brian Keller
I agree with Jimmy's assessment of PRIA.
Scott Podvin
Zillow recently published its outlook for real estate, which is quite insightful. If interested, click this link: https://www.zillow.com/research/prices-sales-forecast-coronavirus-26975/
Scott Podvin
We must prepare for a great deal of bankruptcies for particularly for retail, restaurants, and hospitality. To stem the tide, the State may need to establish or work with lenders to establish DIP -debtor in possession -loan pools. On the other hand, with more people buying online and gasoline prices so reasonable, expect huge growth in shipping of goods and products causing an increase in demand in industrial warehouses in and around the ports and railways.
Mackenzie Smith
Barry, thank you for your comments on the La historic tax credit. The LA Historic Tax Credit Coalition is working on legislation to extend the HTC during the Special Session. If anyone is interested in being a part of the Coalition and the effort to extend and expand the HTC (if there is an opportunity to do so), please reach out to Mackenzie Ledet at Stonehenge Capital: msledet@stonehengecapital.com. The Coalition is comprised of stakeholders from around the state. We welcome all engagement and support from all areas of the state.
I agree with Mr McDonald about affordable housing
Scott Podvin
I would be interested in the virtual townhall meeting. I will contact your email. My email is scott.podvin@roseline-partners.com. Please send me any information. Thank you
Andrew Doss
Mr. Podvin thank you for all of your presence and participation through this process. Feel free to write me at andrew.doss@la.gov, or our group at resilientlouisiana@la.gov.
Scott Podvin
Please send me a copy of the report. Thank you. Scott.Podvin@roseline-partners.com