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Earth Day Special Event with Herb Hammond - Shared screen
Mayor Cindy Fortin
I've lost audio. I'll have to come back
Mayor Cindy Fortin
Okay. I restarted and can hear now.
taryn skalbania
Hello all - know that we will be posting a recording or Herbs Power Point presentation as well as the Q and A period and the entire chat box too can be shared.
June Ross
I could just sit here and cry!
Yves Mayrand
To Herb's point on industrial logging companies' timber licence "assets" that they can trade as private assets, the most outrageous recent example is Canfor selling its large inactive renewable timber licence in the Fort Nelson timber supply area to Peak Renewables, a producer of wood pellets for export, at a windfall profit of $30 million for the sole benefit of Canfor shareholders. Katrine Conroy's approval is pending. No tenure transfer has been denied under section 54 of the Forest Act to date.
tony brumell
shout out to Fairy creek gang. happy earth day
Mayor Cindy Fortin
Thank you so much for the invitation to tonight's discussion, and to Herb Hammond for a terrific presentation. I have to run, but look forward to reading all the Q & A that followed.
Laurel Zaseybida
I am wondering what is Herb's view on the more aggressive form of "fuel reduction for wildfire protection" using commercial equipment now, logging the mature trees for the mills, happening in urban-rural watershed interfaces around the province eg. Forest Enhancement Society, etc.
Ron Hockey
We are the govt must have leaders with long term goals .GUARDIANS of the forests sounds good . The total value of the health of forests is everyones future ,Last year people were losing their minds when they did not have TP , Imagine when it all collapses
Ron Hockey
Educating our children is. Key to change of the truth of today’s reality as we fond out tonight .
June Ross
I have to leave Taryn. Thank you so much to everyone from PWPS and especially to Herb for his awesome presentation.
June Ross
I am still very frustrated and could cry....I guess we just have to keep pushing.
John Wittmayer
Thank you Herb and everyone. Need to go, but this has been an awesome learning moment. Happy Earth Day! Let's never give up and keep fighting on behalf of Nature.
Ron Hockey
Thanks very much battery low have to go .
Laurel Zaseybida
Thank you very much PWPS and Herb H for the excellent presentation, very timely and critically important issues for our communities and forest ecosystems! Gotta go but hope we can all stay in touch and keep the momentum going!
taryn skalbania
any last comments anyone??
Lee Humphries
Thanks all