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ESEA Office Hours - Shared screen with speaker view
Bill Parsley
We would want to make sure these are in line with an entity's internal policies as well right? If an entity has a policy not allowing the purchase of gift cards, they could not use ESSER funds to purchase them?
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
@Bill, correct. Your local policies apply as well.
D49 Angela Rose
Can you share more about how the feds define comprehensive after school programs?
Mimi Livermore - Adams 12
Is there a template for the Safe Return/In-Person Plan for the updating every 6 months?
APS- Amy Beruan
Can you release the template in a word format?
Jackie Crabtree
Did I miss the PowerPoint link?
APS- Amy Beruan
What is the deadline for either option of use of funds? narrative vs full budget?
Kristin Crumley
An updated version of the Safe Return template will be available on the ESSER Monitoring page by next week. A Word version will replace the PDF version. http://www.cde.state.co.us/caresact/essermonitorIf you need it sooner, please email me at Crumley_k@cde.state.co.us, and I will send you a copy.
Joanne Vergunst
is it a full budget even if you have placeholders for future year expenditures?
APS- Amy Beruan
Why are we addressing homeless in ARP ESSER III if we are receiving an additional allocation for that? (Can that sub group be excluded if we receive the formula allocation)
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
@Joanne Applications with placeholders can get final approval but will need to be amended during the PAR process. Once you've replaced placeholders with actual activities, the budget will meet the plan requirement.
Tracey Stowers
If we have placeholders and regular budgeted items in the application, and we are granted final approval can funds then be requested for approved items within the application?
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
@Tracey Once your application get final approval, you can start requesting funds only for the approved activities, not for placeholder funds.
Tracey Stowers
Thank you
Nathan Markham
What is the new budget deadline for ARP ESSER III?
APS- Amy Beruan
What is the exact reporting requirement? Where can we find exactly what Ed is asking for? Is it solely a narrative or a data collection at the end for impact?
Doug Shawcroft
Are we required to provide allocations for Non-Public schools from ESSER III?
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
@Nathan The budget (or at minimum budget plan) should be in the app by 12/16/21. If you are just providing a narrative budget overview response by 12/16 you have until the application itself closes 3/24/22.
CDE: Nazie Mohajeri-Nelson
@Doug - ESSER II and III do not have a non-public school equitable services requirement.
CDE: Nazie Mohajeri-Nelson
@Amy, we have a slide on the reporting towards the end of the slide deck.
Doug Shawcroft
Is there more guidance on evidence-based interventions for the ESSER III Set Aside?
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
@Doug https://www.cde.state.co.us/fedprograms/exploringebisstrength
Laura Gorman
Is there any big caution from you on ARP MOE from you Evan or is it just the 50% reduction?
Laura Gorman
That helps -- thank you
Adams 12-Meghan Deutsch
An ESSER II Question - Now that we have final expense totals for our ESSER II FY20-21 activities, we can use the "rolling PAR", to update those totals in order to "free up" any cost savings and repurposes them into other activities? - This is correct right?
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
@Meghan Yep, for a good guardrail on when a PAR is required reference the following: https://www.cde.state.co.us/fedprograms/par2018-19
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
USDE Public Comment Docs: https://www.regulations.gov/docket/ED-2021-SCC-0096/document
Linda Carroll
ESSER III Perkins funds... is this just allowable expenses under Perkinss
Lynne, Juniper Rideg Community School
Thank you.