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Carol Kennedy
Got one
Connie Martin
Laura, I was on the webinar you had last week about how you use Lion Desk. In one section you talked about being able to go from Lion Desk to Ylopo via a link in Lion Desk under Custom. I do not have that link how do I get it
Nick Crothers
Can you do a run down of the different tracking metrics you look at to make sure your ylopo marketing is working effectively? Leads, website visits, etc.
Trista Haugen
For non-ylopo leads, will retargeting produce dyva ads if the lead logs onto my website and starts a search, if their email is connected to Facebook?
Harry Moore
This is a FUB/Ylopo question. I am thinking about using Cole realty resource to get new contacts for retargeting. I can get 2000 contacts/month, add them to FUB. Can I then just tag them and they'll just automatically go to Ylopo for retargeting??
Harry Moore
I want a Ylopo T shirt :))
Judith Atacador
What is Homebot?
josh Webb
Josh Webb here I have 2 accounts in GA and KY and having issues keeping up with incoming leads and all appointments. Looking for a recommendation on a coach
Mary Diaz
How can you add a contact to Ylopo Stars if it was not a Ylopo lead?
Carol Kennedy
Laura, does your remine service provide email addresses? Did you use a work around for that?
Judith Atacador
all good thank you!
Chad Gunter
I may need to schedule a call with you as well. I'm currently still in the onboarding phase but would like to AVOID what Josh is now experiencing.
We trash ONLY bad email + bad number and have separate ponds for spam, lost, and do not contact… as we don’t want those folks coming back as NEW leads if we trashed them.
Why does it take several hours for new leads from Zillow to populate in Stars? Ylopo creates a profile after I’ve spoken with the lead which makes it weird for the lead.
Peter’s iPhone
any news on the when the newly updated search will be here???
Nick Crothers
Thank you Laura!