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Cal-Wood Fire Community Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Garry Sanfacon (he/him)
AGENDA1. Welcome and Introductions2. Meeting Outcomesa. Present restoration activities/timelines, both landscape level and individual property levelb. Explore possibilities regarding not rebuildingc. Discuss rebuilding processd. Present communication proposal3. Restoration – Therese Glowacki, Parks and Open Space and Sharon Bokan, CSU Extensiona. Overall activities and timingb. Restoration recommendations for individual property owners4. Exploring not rebuilding possibilities – Kim Sanchez, Community Planning & Permitting, Janis Whisman, Parks and Open Space, Ben Pearlman, County Attorney5. Rebuilding – Kim Sanchez & Hannah Hippely, Community Planning & Permitting6. Communication proposal – Gabi Boerkircher, Commissioners’ Office7. Other items…
Therese Glowacki, Boulder County
Feel free to reach out to me with other questions. I have to jump off now.
Gabi - Boulder County
Darla Arians, Boulder County
I have to join a 3pm meeting. Feel free to contact me with any debris questions: darians@bouldercounty.org, 720-564-2223.
Laurie & Bob Kolb
This is a question to county: So it seems that county would like to have all the Mountain Ridge lots and extinguish the HOA. So, why not make an dollar offer to us before some of us get excited about rebuilding? I am thinking on actual cash, not TDCs which would flood the market and reduce their value.