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Launch of the Food and Drink Cluster for the Marches LEP - Shared screen with speaker view
Patrick McCarron
Hi all - thanks for joining. We will kick-off the session within the next couple of minutes.
Rose Judeh-Elwell AGRI Project Harper Adams Uni
will the slides be shared after the webinar?
Fatiha Begum
Hi Rose yes they will be sent out to all attendees after the webinar.
Rose Judeh-Elwell AGRI Project Harper Adams Uni
Great thank you
Jane Yardley CREST University Centre Shrewsbury
Thank you for a very interesting session, sorry I have to leave.
Jamie Pratt - Aston University
Apologies i need to leave for another meeting. Thank you for all the presentations it’s been really interesting and i look forward to seeing the progress the networks makes.
Louise Roberts - Alimenti Food Sciences
Thank you for very interesting presentations. I have to leave.
Purition - Alan Bird’s iPhone
thank you
Glyn Bufton - Black Mountains Botanicals
How soon can you send out the pdf ?
Jacqueline Champion
Thank you
Purition - Alan Bird’s iPhone
with regards EU address on food labels ive taken advice that a
Glyn Bufton - Black Mountains Botanicals
Fatiha Begum
we will send the PDF out today
Jacqueline Champion
JUst one question - We make nougat and have egg white and honey and nuts - do we have to declare the origin of each ingredient?
Rizvan (Euro Quality Lambs)
For Anne & Sophie, great presentations, many of our SME customers in France (for lamb caracsses) do not want to/have not the resources to do the import part of the customs. What are our options if we have to act as an importer at customs (as well as already being an exporter)? Will we need to create an entity and register for VAT in France or is there another alternative that does not involve creating an entity in France?
Ali Parker, Food Brand and Channel strategy
Thank you for coordinating this really useful event, great presentations and great to know there are lots of excellent guidance offered. Thanks