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PE V#COS Marking The Loss - Shared screen with gallery view
Anna Pink Elephants
Lauren has written something lovely on our FB comments: I don’t think I was ever thinking something like this could have happened to me and then it did. I don’t think you ever get over the grief 🙁 even though I was blessed a couple of months ago with the most beautiful daughter I felt guilty thinking my whole pregnancy “this wasn’t supposed to be the baby I was meant to have” (even though it is). The biggest hurts from the miscarriage for me was obviously not having my little human with me but also losing so many friends who couldn’t empathise with my grief process...so it was almost like the loss affected all these other parts of my life. Such a devastating thing to ever have to go through losing a child.
Anna Pink Elephants
We have many options for Marking The Loss on our website: https://www.pinkelephants.org.au/page/79/marking-the-loss
Bernadette Blanco
Thank you <3
Emily Pask
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Melissa Desveaux
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Chelsea - Baby Wilson’s Mummy 👼🏻
thank you for allowing me to be part of this 🥰 xoxo