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Donor Briefing: Update on Housing, Consumer & Energy, Healthcare, and Workers' Rights - Shared screen with speaker view
Kim-Marie McLellan
Be sure to type any questions in the chat. We will take time after each team's presentation to answer your questions.
Linda Bossert
Will these slides be forwarded to attendees? If not, I'd better get writing fast!
Kim-Marie McLellan
Yes, the slides will be shared.
Kim-Marie McLellan
Be sure to type any questions you have for Bill Rowe into the chat.
Kim-Marie McLellan
Be sure to type any questions you have for Al Ripley about Consumer Housing or Energy issues into the chat.
Howard Eisenson
are those legislators who would support such predatory lending programs receiving campaign contributions from those programs? why else would they support such?
Kim-Marie McLellan
Please post questions you have for Nicole Dozier and Rebeca Cerese regarding Health Advocacy issues into the chat.
Howard Eisenson
Are there any arguments against Medicaid expansion that are put forth by people of good will, and that warrant consideration?.....or is this all simply "playing politics" (i.e. expansion would be a win for the Dems and thus can't be allowed)
Ana Pardo
Rebecca can you point us to where the stories live online?
Rebecca Cerese - HAP (she/her)
Visit our YouTube Channel to hear from North Carolinians who have been impacted by our state's decision to not expand Medicaid: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi0-bPNmhhlSf_qm5_cOhoQ
Kim-Marie McLellan
Please place any questions for Ana Pardo regarding Worker's Rights issues in the chat.
Nicole Dozier-HAP
Here's a research report that many stakeholders have used around the economic benefits of Medicaid expansion: https://www.conehealthfoundation.com/app/files/public/621ee3b4-cb3f-4854-a9a8-7af04fd2166b/expanding-medicaid-in-north-carolina---2019.pdf
Ana Pardo
Farm Act (SB 605) – https://pulse.ncpolicywatch.org/2021/06/23/section-weakening-whistleblower-protections-struck-from-farm-act/#sthash.FBCj7M2L.dpbs
Ana Pardo
Fed UI benefits withdrawal (SB 116) - https://pulse.ncpolicywatch.org/2021/07/02/gov-cooper-vetoes-gop-bill-cutting-off-federal-unemployment-benefits/#sthash.jJoE7LJA.dpbs
Kim-Marie McLellan
Thank you all for your generous support! Your investment makes all the difference. Right now we have a donor match campaign up to $20,000. If you have not yet made your year end gift, please consider making a donation today: https://ncjustice.salsalabs.org/EOYMatchingGiftFundraisingPage/index.html
Linda Bossert
Thank you all for your wonderful work!
Ana Pardo
Thanks Linda!