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Next Level Growth & TVEA Economic Development Committee - Shared screen with speaker view
Sonya Blake
Sonya Blake, President & CEO, TheValley.net, sblake@economicalliance.org
Kathy McIntyre
we have had several local manufacturers receive the CA compete tax credit - good for companies investing in capital, buildings or people
Kathy McIntyre
is the cA relief program be retroactive to costs associated with recent covid pandemic shutdowns - LA county businesses have been hit hard Dec - to present
Angela Torres
is there an expiration date for sales Tax Exempt credit?
Kathy McIntyre
we have had a lot of problems with the retroactive sales tax due to the quarterly reporting with sales & use board
Trelynd Bradley
California Comeback Guide: https://static.business.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/GO-Biz-California-Comeback-Guide-1-13.pdf
Kathy McIntyre
quick note - for many of our small / medium businesses they don't know to give their accountants the costs associated (can be somewhat estimated) for their time and expenses (these should have receipts) for process changes (ie new layouts, process training, etc) for that R&D tax credit. if you don't tell the accountants they are not necessarily asking these companies for the data. Not bad accounting service, they just rely on clients knowing the details in their business
Christine Shimizu
I just made a note to reach out to my accountant. Thank you Kathy
Trelynd Bradley
Economic Development Rate with Edison: https://www.sce.com/sites/default/files/inline-files/EDR%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf
Sonya Blake
If you’re struggling, enroll in the Business Assistance ProgramTo get help applying for grants and other business assistance, enroll in our Business Assistance Program by completing this Intake Form: https://forms.gle/oETDQ8fXp6V8VW8EA
Sonya Blake
Next event: 2/9 Government Funding to Build Your Team and 2/17 The Big Impact of Tiny Homes. Valley of the Stars Gala on 4/8, our next in person event, a great opportunity to meet celebrities and high net worth individuals, Join us! TheValley.net/Events
Christine Shimizu
Thank you everyone! This was very helpful. I need to hop off now.,
Sonya Blake
Thank you for joining us for Next Level Growth and you are invited to stay on for our Economic Development Committee meeting at this time
Thank you for all the insights, will sign up for 2.17.22 meeting. thanks again
Audrey Simons
As are many businesses, San Fernando Community Health Center is experiencing extreme issues with workforce; attracting and retaining, particularly support staff.
Kathy McIntyre
Audrey, some of my clients in the valley are going to churches and the san Fernando facebook jobs facebook page to find local people that may like to work locally. it can be a better chance for some support staff
Audrey Simons
Thank you. I will put that on our HR radar going forward.
Sonya Blake
LAEDC Economic Forecast https://laedc.org/economic-forecast-2022/
Kathy McIntyre
thank you, Shannon!
Paul Palkovic
Hi Everyone,
Sonya Blake
Attend the LAEDC Economic Forecast https://laedc.org/economic-forecast-2022/San Fernando Valley Business Journal/Cal Lutheran Forecasthttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/2022-the-valley-economic-forecast-breakfast-tickets-244088825247If you’re struggling, enroll in the Business Assistance Program. To get help applying for grants and other business assistance, enroll in our Business Assistance Program by completing this Intake Form: https://forms.gle/oETDQ8fXp6V8VW8EATheValley.net/Events
Paul Palkovic
Great presentations today. Thanks to Tre and Shannon. I have to get ready for a call at 11:30. Have a great weekend. Paul
Sonya Blake
Join us for additional programs soon TheValley.net/Events