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Monthly Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Bernard Wozny
Question: A retired policeman and novelist suggests that writers should interview their characters. Can you suggest ways to interview an imaginary character?
Frank Pray
How do you choose a potential interviewee? What intrigues you, and is your choice always someone in the news, or at least well known, or do you sometimes just pick a character "off the street” who seems interesting?
Mehrnaz Hofferth
Who can interview? Are any potential problems for those who may not be as well known? What is a minimum requirement of a person who can interview assuming he or she is ethical.
Gloria Pierrot-Dyer
If you find an interesting person to interview, what's the best way to match that with a publication?
Bernard Wozny
Keep going until your done - you won't be cut off mis sentence
Frank Pray
So, when you've interviewed celebrities, do you come away generally more or less mesmerized by their celebrity status?
Gloria Pierrot-Dyer
Thanks, ED. Great!
Jenifer Rowe
this has been great!!!
Kristine Mietzner
Thanks, Ed.