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How to Build and Sustain Community to Support Students - Shared screen with speaker view
Katherine Plog Martinez, Forum (she/her)
When Everything is Different – Act Different - https://medium.com/changing-the-odds/when-everything-is-different-act-different-1c1400198944
AASA Webinars webinar@aasa.org
Read AASA's ARP report at https://aasa.org/uploadedFiles/ARP-Survey-Findings-090121.pdf
Katherine Plog Martinez, Forum (she/her)
From the Field – Ready. Set. Summer! - https://medium.com/changing-the-odds/from-the-field-ready-set-summer-52772ae22029
Katherine Plog Martinez, Forum (she/her)
Build Forward Together - https://forumfyi.org/the-readiness-projects/build-forward-together/
Katherine Plog Martinez, Forum (she/her)
What worked?What challenges still exist?What are the connections to community and families among the successes?
Katherine Plog Martinez, Forum (she/her)
Introducing the Build Forward Together Conversation Guide Blog - https://medium.com/changing-the-odds/introducing-the-build-forward-together-conversation-guide-b700a00da42eBuild Forward Together Conversation Guide - https://secureservercdn.net/
Sharon Adams-Taylor
Dr. Hinojosa mentioned community orgs and schools must be on the same page and mentioned being in concert with what is "taught" or learned. Does he find that conflict often?
Karen Pittman
n youth development we often use the term "caught" vs "taught" to emphasize the value of formal and flexible learning approaches. When young people have an opportunity to participate in interest-driven learning opportunities, their engagement level increases as Dr. Hinojosa mentioned. If those activities are embedded with opportunities to use math concepts, write, do research, plan, etc., then we have a marriage between "taught" and "caught".
Katherine Plog Martinez, Forum (she/her)
Great examples! I’m hearing both building on relationships that already exist with kids and building on the core competencies that both the district and organizations bring. Both important qualifiers for considering that partnership.
Katherine Plog Martinez, Forum (she/her)
Another link to share. You can find the playbooks I mentioned - both school and community-based settings here - https://www.designprinciples.org/
Katherine Plog Martinez, Forum (she/her)
And as I’m afraid I failed to say it as Melissa just mentioned these were developed in association with the SoLD Alliance.
Sharon Adams-Taylor
Girls? YES!!!