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Climate, Carbon, and the Jewelry Industry - Shared screen with gallery view
Hi from the University of Delaware! Will the recording be shared with us afterwards?
Jewelry Industry Summit
Hi - Patricia! Yes - It will be on jewelryindustrysummit.com/webinars within 24 Hours.
Susan Wheeler
Hello All from Chicago, I’m so excited for this presentation!
Jewelry Industry Summit
Hi Susan! Thanks for joining us.
Susan Wheeler
Bravo for this topic!
Morgane Nzelemona
HI thank you for the presentation ! Choosing recycled gold can indeed appears as a Good way to cut down CO2 emissions however, it would be nice to remind that a good part of what is now called "recycled gold " is actually mined gold that can be secondly refined a few weeks after being extracted anyway… Choosing recycled gold won't stop mining extraction…
Dana Bronfman
The last question asks about post-consumer recycled gold. But is a way to know whether recycled gold one is purchasing is pre- or post-consumer? Once it’s gone to the refiner, it seems to me it’s all lumped in together and there’s no way to know, as per Morgane’s comment.
Sharon Zimmerman
Thank you so much Mehrdad, Christine and Mark. If mining companies are planning on installing renewable energy systems like solar and wind, are there plans to help maintain these systems in the long term? In other words, who maintains control and ownership of these renewable power systems should the mining company decide to end their operations?
Morgane Nzelemona
Another question, if a premium should be paid for "recycled gold", to whom should it be paid?
Allison Armstrong
Are the numbers of mines on this slide all gold mines?
Morgane Nzelemona
You can learn more about Fairmined Eco gold here : https://www.responsiblemines.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Differences-between-Fairmined-Ecological-Gold-and-Fairmined-Gold.pdf
Dana Bronfman
If gold is recycled more than once, does it incur a higher premium each time? How will this be tracked to make sure it isn’t contaminated?
I have a hard stop at 1. Thanks for a great presentation.
Mark Hanna
Please submit any questions by 115 when we will begin to answer as many as possible...thx
Sharon Zimmerman
Thank you Mark, I think this is the one - https://www.gold.org/about-gold/gold-supply/responsible-gold/gold-and-climate-change
Sharon Zimmerman
Brandee Dallow
SCS does have a new standard for diamonds that is open to both lab grown diamonds as well as MINED DIAMONDS. Its now up to the mining companies to get on board.
Brandee Dallow
Precious metals will be coming next.
Morgane Nzelemona
Fairmined and Fair Trade Standards are also about certificating mining Operations. Environnemental aspects is one of the main pilar of these certifications…
Hadewig Quaghebeur
What is best ? Going for Fairmined Eco Silver/Gold where the certification system is good (but new metal), or going for 98% recycled metal without certification (but where the supplier says to be 70% sure as only 70% of his refiners come with proof). I am from Europe and we don't have suppliers here that sell precious metal with a certification.
Hadewig Quaghebeur
*precious recyled metal with certification
Morgane Nzelemona
Gold is always recycled. Nobody waste gold in the gold industry… So honestly I don't really see the point of a premium …
Morgane Nzelemona
on the other hand premium is vital for mining organizations that want to do the right thing… that want to change their practices… This has a cost that can be partly be covered with a premium... =)
Morgane Nzelemona
We have been able to measure this change of pattern in consumer expectations. I highly recommend to have a look at this article about the market survey carried by MVI Marketing LLC (THE MVEye) and Christina T. Miller Sustainable Jewelry Consulting (CMC) last year : https://www.responsiblemines.org/en/2021/01/customer-awarness-ethical-gold/
Hadewig Quaghebeur
Thanks a lot, very interesting (and good book from Christine, bought it last year :-))
Sharon Zimmerman
Thank yoU!