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D6000 One Rotary Summit 10/20/21 - Shared screen with speaker view
Shawn Mullen
Hello Fellow Rotarians! So glad to break our goal of 60 participants! thank you all!!!!
Ryan Bell
Thanks to your help making the podcast to help get the word out, Shawn!!
Shawn Mullen
I hope it helped!
Mike Ruby, RC of Muscatine, D6000
A bid AMEN to Shawn's comment.
Chris Knapp
Hi Shawn and company. Thanks for thinking of the podcast
Connie Bever
I still haven't gotten my camera to work. I guess I'll remain faceless.
Doyle Sanders
Wear Rotary clothing places other than at service projects.
Allyson Walter AC of Ames PR
RC of Ames did a project signage audit and added signage to past projects.
Karin Franklin
Actually that is Rotaract folks in IC
Jacque Andrew-Jefferson
Jefferson does a welcome lunch for new teachers and invites the new teachers to the Rotary After Hours night to help build the satellite club.
Deanna Jensen-Valliere
North Scott Rotary has gotten very involved in area parades and includes all family members of Rotarians to participate, encouraging all age groups
Deanna Jensen-Valliere
My apologies - I'm heading to a City Council Forum at this time. So many great ideas and I'm excited to share a recap with our club. Thank you to all you fabulous Rotarians who continue to spread the great Rotary message!
Teresa Horton Bumgarner
Hi! Good to see you are here. One of the down sides to zoom-we don't actually get to chat. But good to see your name come across the screen! Yes, it looks like Paul is transferring. We're glad to have him, but sure he will be missed there too.
Shawn Mullen - Club #27 RCDM
District 6000’s individual clubs, the District itself and Rotary overall will be well served when all recognize the impact of the various generations that at play in our society. Boomers are moving out, Gen X are giving way to the Millennials (the dominant generation in the workplace today) and the Gen Y’s who are up and coming. Every generation has different needs and different ways of responding to needs in the community…
Dave Cook
If your club would like to schedule a membership program, please email me at dccboone@msn.com
Marie Pipes
Thanks all. Great job!