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Workshop 2: CCConsultancy/ETF, Inclusion in secure estates for neurodiverse / SEND residents - Shared screen with speaker view
Francesca Prisoner Learning Alliance
also email me if you need anything after the session - info@prisonerlearningalliance.org.uk
Debs Cunningham-Burley
Just wanted to say thank you Claire for introducing me to the Zoom adjustments for hearing impairment as this is relevant to me personally.
Melanie Jameson
I was just popping my website / email to my breakout group since I have popped all my resources on dyslexia etc here: www.dyslexia-malvern.co.uk for the prison sector
Melanie Jameson
This links with the social model of disability and is an issue of accessibility ie making resources and teaching accessible to all
Debs Cunningham-Burley
The term neurodiversity is new to me and I like the concept where neurological differences are recognised and respected as any other human difference.
Gini Hunter, HMP Ranby employability tutor (peopleplus)
I haven't come across dysgraphia, what does that entail?
Talat Khan
Dysgraphia is difficulty with handwriting.
Gini Hunter, HMP Ranby employability tutor (peopleplus)
Thank you
Melanie Jameson
difficulty with writing - there is also dyspraxia
Debs Cunningham-Burley
It is a writing disorder (transcription disability).
Gini Hunter, HMP Ranby employability tutor (peopleplus)
Thank you
Francesca Prisoner Learning Alliance
thank you so much Claire, I need to leave now to brief the panelists I hope to see you all there soon
Kirstin Anderson
Thank you, Claire. This was a great session. Lots to reflect on. I have to go to another meeting but look forward to reviewing the slides.
Andy Mouncey
Am reminded how key it is to get our people ready and receptive to learn before they set foot in a classroom: Bust myths, change limiting beliefs, boost motivation etc…