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Wilmont December Meeting - 7:00 - 8:30 PM - Shared screen with speaker view
we have had several break ins in our condo building though nothing stolen just doing survey by bad guys. per our manager the police didn't want our clear camera video and said not to call for other break-ins. does that sound right? what is your policy on break ins?
Candice Cobarrubias
Hello Carol, can you confirm with me that you called into the police dispatch center or did you call into the watch commander's office.
Harriet Epstein
One of failings on 5/31 was there was no plan anticipating a major looting event. Does the police now have an emergency plan? Is there a monitoring of social media to see if there’s an organized looting event planned?
hi our manager called. first break into lobby looking at mailboxes and then garage officer came physically to our building. he didn't want our camera video and said just break in and nothing could be done. second time a week later manager said police said not to report
Candice Cobarrubias
If you can provide me more detailed information via email, I can try to see who you spoke with and what exactly they told you and then I can advise you on whether or not you were given accurate information. Candice.Cobarrubias@smgov.net
if we have homeless person on front sidewalk is there a number to call to help relocate them to a shelter?
Betzi Richardson
Can the Chief please talk more about the reform measures?
Michael Strathearn
Big Businesses along Ocean seem to have a priority over Residents. Homeless seem to have a priority over Residents. We have seen a steady decline in Residental Safety and treatment, starting at least in the 70s. We need to move Residents to the top position in priority for safety, property protection, and peace of mind. Why do residents actually count for so little?
Santa Monica Municipal Employees
HI Carol, if the individual is just sitting on the sidewalk there really isn't anything that we can do. We regularly share information with individuals regarding the resources that are available - including shelters, but we cannot make them go anywhere and we cannot physically force them to leave a public space if they are not committing any crime. If someone is interested in being given information on shelters and where they can go to get assistance, we definitely will help them, or our DMH staff can help them. Other assistance providers are the C3 teams that you see in the community - they wear the khaki vests and are primarily in the downtown and beach areas. You can also leave a message for our HLP (Homeless Liaison Program officers) at 310-458-8695. I hope that answers your question. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if I can answer any further questions.
Betzi Richardson
Alissa, can you ask Anastasia if she has a succinct explanation of The SCAG challenge to us from Sacramento?
Anastasia Foster
My son misses the library so much!!!
Patty Wong
Call the Library at (310) 458-8600 or email us at reference@smgov.net
Stephanie Archer
A bit of seed info is at https://smpl.org/montanabranch.aspx
Patty Wong