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WeRotary- General Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Kat Haber
@Naomi-what are some successful strategies for inviting Rotaractors toe clubs?
Kat Haber
Community based Rotaract Club in Hilo?
Kat Haber
International Campaign to abolish Nuclear Weapons
Kat Haber
Naomi: Black Lives Matter and election are distracting from Nuclear weapons abolition. Peace forums, Get word out to other clubs.
Kat Haber
District 5000 presentation on PEACE, so amy topics, for WE Rotary specifically we focus on Nuclear non proliferation, Tilman Ruff and Ira Helfand, both working to make nuclear awareness Naomi: article, September 25 ringing bells at 12:01
Kat Haber
Atlanta: Steve Leeper Article on Nuclear weapons
Kat Haber
Irina-requests the presentation Viktoria-useful talk, concentrated,
Kat Haber
Irina-community based Rotaractor club, some schools have international students with WE Rotary sponsoring
Kat Haber
Holgar Video:
Kat Haber
Edgar Ngoi-Myanmar global grant, Hawaii working on global grant with Nepal,
Kat Haber
Steve: Satellite Clubs-Xtension of our club, meet in person because of time difference, 8 people all members of our club, not tied to a district, part of our main club, offshoot and our members
Kat Haber
Yes, Xpand, transform, accessible, affordable to members, revolutionary!
Kat Haber
Frank Yee-$100,000 committed to give USA for COVID related projects, medical equipment, masks, in Hawaii, PPE, funding Rotary Club Shanghai, work with Hawaiian Club
Kat Haber
Naomi: economic crisis, in Hawaii many unemployed,Big Island-food banks, masks, been buying masks from Hong Kong,
Ira Helfand
Naom,Thank you so much for meeting with us today. I have to sign off the call. Great meeting. Thanks everyone.
Kat Haber
Naomi-Xpanding and getting younger people, big challenge contacting our networks, speakers, colleagues, what are the concrete benefits to joining, useful guide? Personal satisfaction. No upper age now in Rotaract, invite young people to hear these speakers, learn from our skills-peace center, something in Japan. District website, post webinars, Speaker info transmitted to District page via email,
Kat Haber
Doug: When people ask what’s in it for me? Focus is on connection, WE Rotary brought in people from all over the world, common values, not transactional, we have these values, if that is attractive to you then this is for you,
Kat Haber
Ray: Peace-building club, misunderstanding what a modern Club is, turnoff for young people, not about biz deals of the 50’s, falls between different interests, want a sense of connection, young do not need connection like Ray, young people
Kat Haber
Doug: all generations go through the time of wanting to have relationships, if known early on then so much better down the line,
Kat Haber
Elsa: If someone is already involved through Rotaract or Change students, they are not invited, 8 years of Rotaract before Elsa was invited, what is an ideal candidate to invite to our club, influence in society, ability to contribute to share influence and invite more people, include people who are not yet at pinnacle, Rotary is the perfect solution for that age group, use energy in productive way, have outlet for their service, alone and WE Rotary could be a got to organization, get message out there, increase awareness in that age group, private, target group for us is global, 25-35 year old gather differently, 1. not invited 2. fees are high for young family, needs to change, WE Rotary gave Elsa a break to join us, misses Pledge the traditional parts, have learned way more from this club, global perspective, ideas for global peace, does local clubs for traditional parts and has international network through WE Rotary, willing and open to accept young new members, share responsibilities,
Kat Haber
Liza: President of Rotaract club of Shanghai, incorporated with Rotary Club of Shanghai engaged/motivated, outstanding ROtaractors at the dinner monthly to Xperience what it was to be in the tech biz, dynamic people, Regional Asia Pacific conference in Hong Kong, Rotaractors were considered a burden, disconnect, mentorship program important to build a natural bridge to join our club, not alien but invited, adopt a young Rotaract Club, Younger ones will be bridged
Kat Haber
Lee: current Rotary advisor in Hilo not able to continue with helping that club, WE Rotary could engage them with our zooms, online, virtual world, reached out to HEIWA, with kids to produce some gardens to grow seedlings with college students shut out sternly and effectively, had to go through sister club, will pursue
Irina Dogadina
I do apologize for leaving you right now. But I'm afraid I'll have to do it due to my next business obligations. It was great to see you all! And thanks a lot, Naomi, for being with us today!
Kat Haber
Doug: Duke Estobar monitoring the club account, dormant state, due to campus,
Ray Matsumiya
sorry all - have to go to another zoom
Ray Matsumiya
thank you naomi!
Kat Haber
15-40 students from University of Hilo, Elsa: Need to give them responsibility in partnership with students, need a singular champion for them to lead as their own, international studies department, global Exchange office, Jim Mellon international students department, Scholarship application for global scholarships, connect them with Rotary,
Kat Haber
Steve L: retractors sponsored club from WE Rotary, are we free to invite them to meet with us together?
Kat Haber
Naomi: find students if they are interested, for satellite club beyond college,
Lee Dombroski
I have another meeting in 5 minutes, so sorry I’ll have to leave this conversation! I’ll be in touch with you Steve L about roteract as I find out.
Kat Haber
Steve Y: satellite club meets on their own, and members of our club, pay dues we set could be lower and cover District and Rotary dues, Rotaractors can be members for $5 for RI, members of our satellite club will be about $150/year
Tam Martin Fowles
I have to go. Many thanks all and take care.
Kat Haber
Elsa: community Club and campus-based club, Thanks, Tam!
Steve Yoshida
Have to leave in a few minutes. Good meeting.
Kat Haber
Councilor and Rotaractors must go to that specific college, strict to a club inside the college, have all the facilities, high rotation of students, do not see it as a life time commitment, have to have permanent recruitment year after year, community based club able to recruit from much wider, productive, student studying/working, 18-now no limit, so many ways to be part of Rotaract, be involved in a process, fill out a form, to be co retractors, pay $50 fee, any contribution that WE Rotary wants to get them started, Rotary Club banner, bell, pins, in charge of own fees and recruitment all Rotary clubs might contribute,