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CDA - Milwaukee County RFP Info Session - Shared screen with speaker view
David Weiss
Teig, what are expectations as to rent increases over time? (i.e. 10 units at $650 initially, but how are increases handled over time)?
Daniel Fleischman
Other funders of affordable housing, including WHEDA, the County, and Federal Home Loan Bank, use Area Median Income set-asides as the requirement for affordability. Would CDA consider replacing language related to $650/month (for rent) and $12-24/hour (for wage) with affordability targets related to AMI?
john yopps
Teig, will responses to questions submitted this Friday be provided prior to RFP submittal?
Chris Dettling
Should the priority rents ($650, $1000, and $1250) be reduced by a Utility Allowance?