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MDBIC Challenge - IBM - Quantum Computing - Speaker view
Andrew Rose
AgTech :-)
Alex Khan
Interesting to see the speakers talking quantum
Heather Gramm
Andrew Rose - absolutely AgTech too :-)
Betsy O'Neill Collie
Please submit questions for John & Julie into chat. We will have Q & A at around 12:45
Pete O'Neill
The Fraunhofer Center in College Park is a portal to Europe's largest R&D Center for Quantum (sensors, AI-driven, computing, communications and imaging). Google Fraunhofer Quantum and see what our researchers are doing.
Alex Khan
The problem statement sounds vague, however, based on John's comment it sounds like you are looking for researchers working in quantum hardware. This would mean quantum dots or photonics etc. Is that correct? Are you looking for a research proposal or active researching in qubits?
Pete O'Neill
Is IBM providing access to their Q System One quantum computer in this effort?
Alex Khan
Could you make it more concreate. Are you looking for smaller businesses that are involved in quantum computing (solving a ML problem, or other optimization problem) and if they have a good idea you would support them with seed funding? What does the competition provide to a startup?
Julie Martin
Are you taking proposals from international companies and researchers who want to collaborate with IBM and Maryland?
Pete O'Neill
Fraunhofer has 7 institutes in Germany that have converged on quantum, including cooperation with IBM since 2019. I'd be willing to make introductions to the Fraunhofer team there to explore if there are opportunities to cooperate on this initiative.
Pete O'Neill
will do. tks. Pete
Vince DeFrancisci
The Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, agencies within the Department of Defense are investing in quantum computational sciences and related workforce development programs.
Julie Lenzer
Feel free to email me if you're interested in learning more about the MQA - jlenzer@umd.edu
Julie Lenzer
John's email: jjoaqui@us.ibm.com
Alex Khan
How can someone in quantum computing and in Maryland become a member of Maryland Quantum Alliance?
Alex Khan
is there an n at the end of John's email address? or no 'n'
Vince DeFrancisci
Thank you from the Maryland Department of Commerce, and good luck to all applicants
Mike Thielke - F³ Tech / hotDesks
No, no "n" in John's email