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Wednesday, September 9, 1:30 PM: Tuscaloosa City and County School System Update - Speaker view
Adam Miller (SSCC)
We are three weeks into school, and my 5th grader at Englewood Elementary school has had zero live conversations with his teacher and has seen just one recorded introductory video from his teacher. Is this considered "normal" and "acceptable" for remote learning?
Gary Smith
How are antibody positive students being handled? Since they have antibodies are they having to abide by guidelines of those who are non- antibody? Such as quarantine, exposure, etc...
Matt Feller
For virtual students what are the current attendance rates?
Will there for sure be a vote or decision made to go back or not at next weeks board meeting? If not then when?
Has a testing plan been developed that will be used to safely return teachers and students as quickly as possible?
Allison Arendale
Will this model be applied consistently to all schools, high, middle and elementary and across the system. Can you assure us with this new plan, 2 days in classroom, is that 8 am to 3 pm and the other 3 days will be as the model is now?
Naytalia D
What would the school times be if staggered?
Steve Diorio
how would you encourage students who lose interest while being taught virtually?
Allison Arendale
The voices of the families in favor of return to school families has not been and continues to not be heard. Even this new model simply does not meet the needs of our children., Pre K to Senior.
If city goes back on the 21st did you say 58% of the students would be back in the classroom and the rest virtual? If that is the case, why would we do a staggered schedule instead of full time plan?
Naytalia D
The full day schedule is very key!
Lauren Collier
Are there any resources from TCS/TCSS for parents that have children in multiple schools?
Allison Arendale
To Small groups are not being consistently applied, school to school, student to student. Successful students need guidance and support as well. The model is creating anxiety in students not being invited to small group.
Alexis Wilson
TCSS: Has there been any exploration of live feed for virtual students?
Adam Miller (SSCC)
TCSS: My understanding that the decision as to whether to mix virtual and in-classroom learners into the same classes was left up to the individual principals. With 35% of students learning remotely, why wasn't a system-wide decision made to allocate 35% of teachers to teaching exclusively remotely? Managing both in-classroom and remote learners at the same time seems to be an insurmountable challenge that we're expecting teachers to solve.
Jewitt Bradley
Since WIFI is an issue will you be looking into teachers to start posting pre-recorded videos actually teaching virtual learners the lessons?
Adam Miller (SSCC)
What research has been done to determine how many will come back at the end of this 9 weeks?
Dr. Daria if the vote is no next week will the in classroom option be off the table until first nine weeks is up? what happens after the first nine weeks? will the board have to vote all over again or will the city go back for sure?
Mike Daria
Mike Daria
Thanks to you all for your support and patience. We really appreciate you all.
Keri Johnson
Keri Johnson
Thank you!!