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The (in)Boxing Match: Why is Everyone Talking About Email? - Shared screen with speaker view
Chris Carosa
Can you talk more about referral incentives
New York Press Association
Yes, Chris. Here’s a little more information about Morning Brew’s program (the one I talked about): https://blog.appsumo.com/morning-brew-referral-engine/#:~:text=Morning%20Brew%20uses%20a%20milestone,%2Dof%2Dmouth%20marketing%20engine.
Chris Carosa
New York Press Association
They have some pretty cool tech on the backend that allows them to track referrals like this that not all newsrooms might have access to. However, I think it would be interesting to experiment with social media tagging or email forwards to do a less intricate but still person-based referral program. What if you encouraged readers to forward to a friend and then the friend clicked a link in the email that said “I got this email forwarded but I want to sign up” … then, when they sign up, you could ask “How did you hear about us?” and they could recognize the person or email address that provided the referral
Chris Carosa
Very interesting article, just read it.