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San Diego Convention Center Town Hall - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennifer Davies
Yes, these slides and a recording of this session will be shared with all participants.
Kerri Kapich
We are recording this session including slide and send to all of you!
Nancy Johnson
Does the airport have bipolar ionization air purifiers (or other systems) installed in HVAC system to address concerns about the latest information re: airborne transmission of COVID?
Julie Coker
Thank you everyone for your questions. Once the speakers have completed their presentations we will address questions in the chat box.
Joanne Gaglia
Did you say the first large group for the convention center will be in December?
Nancy Johnson
Will clients be responsible for policing max capacities and mask wearing? How involved will Center be with this?
Nancy Johnson
Given the rise in the number of cases, when do you truly feel the first "large scale" event (ie >5,000 ppl) can happen safely at the convention center in December?
Nancy Johnson
Thank you for your candid answer, Julie. It's much appreciated. We REALLY want to do our live/hybrid event there in March. Safely. This is great information to hear from all of you.