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70th PIHOA Meeting - Day 3 (Open Session) - Shared screen with speaker view
RMI Secretary Jack Niedenthal
Not everyone is there in person… 😊
Janos Baksa
audio feed is cutting in/out
John Perman Taman Jr, PIHOA
Our apologies. We are having some technical difficulties. Working on it!
Dioreme Navasca - UH | PIHOA
Thank you John!
John Perman Taman Jr, PIHOA
Update: We are currently experiencing latency issues (internet), and it requires us to stop the zoom to fix it. We still have about 40 minutes for this session. As soon as this session ends, we can address the internet issue. Our sincerest apologies to our virtual participants for the inconvenience.
RMI Secretary Jack Niedenthal
I keep hearing that people took the oath, therefore that means they have to just keep working. This is not true. I have read the oath to well over 25 health care workers (doctors, nurses, etc), and I always reread the third to the last line after swearing them in:
RMI Secretary Jack Niedenthal
I WILL ATTEND TO my own health, well-being, and abilities in order to provide care of the highest standard;
Janos Baksa
RMI Secretary Jack Niedenthal
I will be at lunch for the next hour.