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Webinar : Blockchains and Cryptos : Let’s open the door to the backstage. - Shared screen with speaker view
Xiao Wang
What about ETH2.0 and ADA on the basis of proof of stake ?
Xiao Wang
I work in Financial Crime - we’ve seen some recent trend that Scam/Money laundry/ are moving from traditional financial service to crypto, and it created a dark area which is hard to monitor, can block-chain technology be used to combat financial crime ?
francis Remacle
It seems thatn less than 8% of cryptos transactions are used for illicit activities. What about $ or € transactions! Also quite soome! Francis.
Xiao Wang
Looks like blockchain is getting rid of all the mid-mans, need to think of the future of how many people will lose their job :P
Michel Tombroff
Thank you all!!!
Xiao Wang
Thank you
francis Remacle
Great. Thanks Michel. Francis.