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Untold Stories of Nikkei New York - Shared screen with gallery view
Natasha Varner
Greg’s newest book, The Unsung Great, is available from our co-presenter, Elliott Bay Book Company: https://www.elliottbaybook.com/book/9780295747965
Adron -
Tomie, I like the baby yoda in the background :)
Emily Murase
Wow, can’t believe my dad “Kenny Murase” made Greg’s list! In his last days, he recounted his time in New York in the 1950s, 1960s as his happiest. Emily of San Francisco
James Sun
That’s really cool, dang. Thanks for sharing, Emily!
Teiya Inokuma
Wow Emily! Yeah, thanks for sharing
Natasha Varner
That’s really cool, Emily!
James Sun
Great work, Greg!
Adron -
Natasha Varner
Here’s that link again! https://www.elliottbaybook.com/book/9780295747965
James Sun
Thanks, Natasha
Carol Hillman
Terrific, Greg. Names I recall from theater and Inwood
Tom Ikeda
Thanks Greg! Very informative.
Karen Maeda Allman
Greg, you’ve uncovered some wonderful stories in your book. Even Woody Guthrie! I enjoyed reading it.
Karen Maeda Allman
Seattle readers have enjoyed books illustrated by Tomie and by Sheila for many, many years now.
Carol Hillman
I'm a Red Diaper Baby, as was Greg's mom, my vest friend
Natasha Varner
Here’s a link to After Camp — Greg’s other book that Sheila just mentioned https://www.elliottbaybook.com/book/9780520271593
Natasha Varner
And several of Sheila’s books are available here too: https://www.elliottbaybook.com/search/site/sheila%20hamanaka
Yuri Miyagawa
I am very indebted to Greg for being so generous in passing along info about my father who was also active in the JACD and Nisei for Wallace and I really admire his approach to history in general!
Yuriko Yamaki
Speaking of muralists, if you are in NYC, check out this amazing exhibit at the Whitney Vida Americana which even includes Eitaro Ishigaki and Hideo Noda's work. https://whitney.org/exhibitions/vida-americana
Kris Marubayashi
Thank you for your thoughts about the role of culture. I agree with you about the power of culture. I grew up in New Rochelle (daughter of Kan and Sally Domoto), remember Oyama’s and Suehiro, and am looking forward to reading Greg’s book.
Julia Azuma
How nice to remember Kan Domoto a student of Frank Lloyd Wright....is that correct? He was a landscape architect. Loved him.
Teiya Inokuma
Yes, I am the daughter of a father who was incarcerated at Tule Lake. I am an artist as well. Still healing! Yes, I feel drawn to read Greg’s book to uncover history for my dad’s camp photos I don’t know much about. Thank you all for coming together, inspiring and feels connecting to me.
Gerry Yokota
Thank you for this webinar! I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Greg after reading his newspaper columns and look forward to this book! The Japanese public broadcaster NHK has been trying to produce a program about my roots, my Issei grandfather immigrated in 1906 and my father was born on the Upper West Side in 1915. But we have only run into one dead end after another...
Gerry Yokota
My father went to Stuyvesant High School and Cooper Union (which Greg just mentioned).
Kris Marubayashi
Julia - correct! He was an architect and landscape architect.
Greg Robinson
my father (and I) attended Stuyvesant High School!
Franklin Odo
Will your next volume include more of the Hawaii experience?
Julia Azuma
There is a NY JA Oral History Project with a number of community members. You can reach out to me, Teddy Yoshikami, Yukiko Hanawa, Mike Ishii, Susan Onuma, Yuriko Yamaki, George Hirose, or Stan Honda if you'd like to know more. I'm at julie@difflearn.com. We're on hiatus for the Pandemic but discussing Zoom interviews.
Greg Robinson
yes, I will write more about Hawaii as I did a set of entries on Hawaii Supreme Court justices doe Denshp
Greg Robinson
for Densho
George Hirose
I am so moved by all your stories. Thank you Brian and Greg. My great Uncle Uchiyama’s family was here in NYC the 20’s and 30’s and were deported on the hostage ships MS Gripsholm and the Asama Maru in 1946. My dad came to the US from Japan at the urging of his uncle in 1953 to Philadelphia and eventually NYC in 1959. This helps fill in some of the gaps in my historical knowledge!
Yuriko Yamaki
Thanks for the message, Julie.
George Hirose
Thank you Tomie and Sheila you are truly impassioned artists!
George Hirose
Correction: Uchiyame family was deported on the hostage ship MS Gripsholm in 1942-43
George Hirose
Tad Tsufura RIP He was an amazing figure
Franklin Odo
Tomie is one of the smartest people I know [in addition to being a fine artist] but her statement that Hawaii was homogeneous is wrong in many ways. Hence the need for Greg to write more: just noting the existence of folks from Okinawa and their experiences would be illuminating.
Julia Azuma
Ruby Yoshino Schaar ran JACL with an Iron Hand for many years.
Wendy Takahisa
Perhaps we can have Greg at a future JAJA meeting as a guest presente
Kenji Taguma
to see more of Greg Robinson’s columns in the Nichi Bei Weekly, please visit: https://www.nichibei.org/columns/the-great-unknown-and-the-unknown-great/
Yuriko Yamaki
Thanks Sheila for mentioning Japanese activists in NYC!
George Hirose
JAJA is a heartwarming community thanks to Julie Azuma for opening her home to us. We are virtual for now!
Kenji Taguma
Thanks Greg for helping to document so many little-known stories from the Japanese American experience.
Vince Schleitwiler
So fascinating to see how Japanese American communities in different cities have such distinct characteristics, and how this is becoming more visible now—NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc., as well as LA, Seattle, and West Coast cities, Hawai’i… What a great presentation! Thanks to all the presenters!
Karen Maeda Allman
Thank you everyone!!!
Amelia Grohman
Such a wonderful program, thank you!! Looking forward to reading the book!
Yuriko Yamaki
Thank you Greg, Tomie and Sheila for this talk.
George Hirose
Can’t wait to get the book!!!