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CIR: Foreign Intelligence Services vs. the USA - Shared screen with speaker view
Sandy Campbell
Folks - as always, send in your questions via chat or raise your hand and I’ll unmute you when the time comes!
Shelley Cooper
Do former CIA have to sign any kind of non-disclosure agreement when they leave the agency?
Deborah Jones
going from policy to the practical... how does the CIA continue to collect precious HUMINT in this era of digital dust (and the inability to "go under cover" in the fashion of classic tradecraft. Also with COVID-19
Thank you to all for sharing your insights and speaking so frankly. Leaving aside the effort to politicize and delegitimize the intelligence agencies under the Trump administration, as the national security focus shifts from terrorism, how do you rank the challenges the intelligence community faces, both institutionally and in terms of threats?
Virginia McCallum
From Virginia
George Duncan
Do you have an opinion on the possible role of the CIA's inspector general and President Trump's nominee, Peter Thompson?
Cedric Page
Where will the next generation of analysts and operations officers come from? What will motivate young people to serve as the panelists have?
Herb Thomas
Turning to ways to protect our elections from foreign interference, assuming our agencies zero in on most of the disruptors, what can they do to disable them without White House interference. I understand they blitzed the Internet Research Agency and other Russian assets exactly at the time of the 2018 election. Will a comparable or stronger effort be allowed in 2020?
Virginia McCallum
What has the impact of Snowdon on U.S. intelligent services? Is using contractors inherently
Virginia McCallum
inherently insecure?
One of you remarked that even if the President wasn’t using or wasn’t interested in intelligence, it was still important for the other heads of national security agencies.
Rest of question: What does that mean if the heads of those agencies - State, Defense, Justice, DIA are politicized?
Virginia McCallum
Mr Polymeropoulos's comment of American being an ideal just a note that the present administration and its supporters expressly disagree - finding such a sentiment not only false but unpatriotic. This is the view expressed in RIch Lowry's book on" Nationalism: How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free" This seems such a different view of America that this administrations seems not within the historic (normal) range of executive administrations.
Virginia McCallum
Further - does this very different view seem extraordinary to the panel? An active and present danger to the nation?
Herb Thomas
Open publication of what the Russians are doing . . . is a great idea. What will be the impact, though, of the apparent purge of Voice of America? That seems to have happened at a very convenient time . . . for some people.
Herb Thomas
Thanks, everyone. Great program!