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GL-UNA Java Café: Covid-19 and Humanitarian Relief - Shared screen with speaker view
Bob & Laurie Barnhart
When do you anticipate the Refugee and Humanitarian Crisis Affinity Group will be listed and highlighted when on the UNA USA membership application?
Bob & Laurie Barnhart
The age range in these camps is toward the younger ages which are generally not affected as severely by Covid, Which is fortunate in respect to the pandemic
Lynn Bartley
please describe the UNA Council of Organizaations a bit more - and what is its purpose? thank you
Kathleen Crooks
Could you give some specifics about Central America and your concerns.
terry Link
Does it make more sense to give funds to those groups on the ground, like International Crisis Committee, Doctors Without Borders, rather than directing to Central Emergency Relief Fund? Why or why not?
Lynn Bartley
Unforgotten and you both are an inspiration Ron and Amit. Thank you!